23 Male TV Characters That Have Perfected The Look™

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The look probably sounds familiar if you have seen a thread about it, or found yourself wishing someone looked at you the way your favorite pairing does or even just watched any quick episode of television.

It isn't always successfully pulled off, the guy either has it or he doesn't.

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But it is all about just having a male character who can look at someone they are interested in as if they are the only person in the room.

It is about creating that love, long before it truly even manages to become canon.

You know a good look when you see it because you can't forget it.

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There is almost that solidified understanding that the show itself will follow through on a pairing if the guy looked just right at their romantic love interest. 

This is a collection of a select few favorite looks that we think deserve to be appreciated. What is your favorite look that you think is iconic?


1. Bellamy Blake - The 100

Bellamy Blake - The 100
The 100 has an issue and his name is Bob Morley. For a show that tries really hard not to confirm the romance between their "platonic" leads, it never quite manages to accomplish that as long as Bob Morley lets Bellamy look at Clarke in any kind of capacity. In fact, it is difficult to even choose one moment where Bellamy Blake showcased a perfect example of The Look because each one is always able to make us feel all the things.

2. Tyrone Johnson - Cloak and Dagger

Tyrone Johnson - Cloak and Dagger
There are not enough conversations happening about Tyrone Johnson and how he is trying to steal all our hearts. The way he manages to create these glances that hold so much promise of future romance deserves plenty of appreciation.

3. Conrad Hawkins - The Resident

Conrad Hawkins - The Resident
It is kind of impossible not to include Conrad in this, he puts his all into every look he gives to Nic and that deserves the recognition.

4. Barry Allen -The Flash

Barry Allen -The Flash
Barry looks at Iris exactly like she deserves to be looked at it. He always manages to make her feel loved and us feel kind of unlucky that we haven't found the person that would give us this exact same look.

5. Wade Kinsella - Hart of Dixie

Wade Kinsella - Hart of Dixie
It was easy to stay invested in the possibility of Wade and Zoe being explored some time down the line because of the looks we got in the meantime.

6. Patrick Brewer - Schitt's Creek

Patrick Brewer - Schitt's Creek
The minute Patrick looked at David, it was all over. It is like Patrick invented heart eyes and after waiting for someone for David that really deserved him, this felt perfect.

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