21 Male Characters Who Couldn't Take No for an Answer

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On both television and real life, some men refuse to understand what the word "no" means. 

Whether the situation is romantic, sexual, or otherwise, the inability to respect a person's wishes is an unattractive quality in itself. 

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Not only are these type of people toxic, but they can also be dangerous. 

We created a slideshow below of 21 male characters who couldn't take no for an answer. 

1. Fred Waterford - The Handmaid's Tale

Fred Waterford - The Handmaid's Tale
The Commander doesn't care about consent. Besides having non-consensual sex with her every month to produce a child, he also held her down and raped her while she begged him to stop. There are not many characters that are worse than Fred Waterford.

2. Chuck Bass - Gossip Girl

Chuck Bass - Gossip Girl
Although many people try to, it's impossible to forget that Gossip Girl's pilot episode showcased Chuck trying to rape two main characters on two separate occasions. Considering that he tried to commit two crimes in one day, who's to say Chuck hasn't succeeded in the past? If a Gossip Girl reboot is happening, please leave Chuck out of it.

3. Michael Scott - The Office

Michael Scott - The Office
Michael just had a problem with the word "no" in general. Whenever his employees didn't want to do something that made them uncomfortable he continued to push them into it.

4. Joe Goldberg - YOU

Joe Goldberg - YOU
Joe did everything in his power to make Beck want to be with him and even obsessively stalked her for months. He murdered her ex-boyfriend and best friend because they interfered with his relationship with Beck, and he ended up killing her.

5. Ross Geller - Friends

Ross Geller - Friends
Ross wouldn't take "no" for an answer no matter what the situation was. While he did act as if he had a claim on Rachel, he also felt he should always have what he wanted in their relationship. The time Rachel told Ross he couldn't come to her work, yet insisted on doing it anyway was what led to their "break" in the first place.

6. Harvey Specter - Suits

Harvey Specter - Suits
Harvey said himself, "I never take no for an answer." That's a pretty toxic mindset to have, and it shows his lack of respect for other people's boundaries.

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