21 Couples Whose Chemistry Flopped

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Check out these 21 couples who just didn't have that special spark.

1. Liz & Tom (The Blacklist)

Liz & Tom (The Blacklist)
Typically, the "husband with a hidden agenda" plot would be tantalizing and sexy, but for Tom and Liz it was kind of a snoozefest. We were totally invested in finding out what the hell Tom was up to, but as far as his relationship with Liz went, no one could really find the energy to care. Spy drama is always far more interesting than relationship drama anyways.

2. Klaus & Camille (The Originals)

Klaus & Camille (The Originals)
Try as they might, the writers just could not get the sexual chemistry between Klaus and Camille to work. She makes a good shrink (that whole family needs therapy to be honest), but romantically these two are not exactly made for each other. As a result, Klaus has taken a hiatus from any sexy times to focus on his darling daughter, leaving Cami without much to do...

3. Quinn & Huck (Scandal)

Quinn & Huck (Scandal)
Watch any love scene between Quinn and Huck, and you'll probably have to look away cringing. The open-mouthed kissing and face licks just aren't doing it for us. While we know this sexual relationship is supposed to be more twisted than charming (they've tortured each other after all), we still think it's gone a little too far. It's not "hot twisted" it's just kind of "gross twisted."

4. Jim & Barbara (Gotham)

Jim & Barbara (Gotham)
When Gotham first began, Jim and Barbara seemed happy enough with their quaint little romance, but as obstacles were placed before them, one thing became glaringly obvious: they didn't work well enough for the audience to even care about them, much less root for their reconciliation. Now we barely see Barbara, and honestly... it's not much of a loss for the show.

5. Stefan & Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)

Stefan & Caroline (The Vampire Diaries)
This one is sure to fuel lots of debate, as couples of The Vampire Diaries always do, but something is just NOT right with Steroline and their recent romantic entanglement. Maybe it's the platonic friendship they used to have, or maybe it's the lukewarm way Stefan seems to 'kinda sorta like' Caroline. But we can't be the only ones who feel like we're watching a brother and sister go at it when these two kiss, no matter how beautifully lit the scene is.

6. Carol & Daryl (The Walking Dead)

Carol & Daryl (The Walking Dead)
Don't get us wrong, Daryl and Carol are two of the best characters on the show, and their relationship is a favorite for anyone with a brain. But they've been teasing the will-they-won't-they of this pairing for three years now, and nada. We'd argue that's probably because while their connection is certainly deep and meaningful, their sexual chemistry is just left of center. Most people would rather see them hug it out than start banging.

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