19 TV Funerals That Punched Us In the Gut

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I watch a lot of science fiction so I don't trust death in any sort of fictitious work. 

What helps to shepherd a character out of my present memory, and acknowledge that they won't come back is a proper send-off. 

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Funerals are an important part of the grieving process is real life, and the same goes for fiction. 

After investing our time and energy into different fictional characters we want to know that our favorite characters were valued, along with the time we spent on them. 

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While the process of writing off characters will never change it's rare for characters to get full-fledged funerals in the age of Peak TV.

We've compiled 19 examples of TV funerals that punched us in the gut.

1. Mrs. S. (Orphan Black)

Mrs. S. (Orphan Black)
A maternal presence throughout the series, Mrs. S's death at the end of Orphan Black Season 5 was definitely a loss for fans and her adopted children. The funeral that followed in the coming episode was equally sad because Mrs. S was the Leda Clones protector and with her gone, they lost a valuable ally.

2. Michael Cordero Jr. (Jane the Virgin)

Michael Cordero Jr. (Jane the Virgin)
Michael might have been alive the entire time, but that doesn't erase the emotional wounds of his funeral. We didn't see Michael's funeral play out in real time, but the snippets we did see in flashbacks were just as heartbreaking. Seeing Jane cry, and Rafael help her read the eulogy was a truly heart-wrenching moment.

3. Aeryn Sun (Farscape)

Aeryn Sun (Farscape)
Aeryn Sun got a five-minute funeral sequence during Farscape Season 2 Episode 22, "Die Me, Dichotomy." After falling through the ice of a frozen lake after a dog fight, the crew of Moya said goodbye to their friend one-by-one. It's an emotionally wrought sequence that really had us thinking that Aeryn was gone for good.

4. Kate Todd (NCIS)

Kate Todd (NCIS)
Kate's funeral closes out an emotional sequence of episodes. After Kate was shot by a sniper, her ghost haunts each of the team members, but NCIS Season 3 Episode 2, "Kill Ari: Part II," bids adieu to Kate with a funeral sequence. The scene is made all the more emotional, by a phantom Kate saying, "You're late for my funeral Gibbs."

5. The Handmaids (The Handmaid's Tale)

The Handmaids (The Handmaid's Tale)
In a show that usually shows the death of traitors, who don't get funerals, seeing an all-out funeral is jarring. The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Episode 7, "After," opens with a cinematic funeral sequence set to emotional music.

6. Lucas Ripley (Station 19)

Lucas Ripley (Station 19)
Lucas Ripley's death was a sad ending to the 2019 Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 crossover event. Captain Sullivan eulogized Ripley during the following episode. "We miss you Luke. We wish you didn't leave us so soon. But since you did, since you had to. It's all good. We're all good. You were so good." says Sullivan.

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