19 Scientific Sweethearts Who Live for the Lab!

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7. Dana Scully - The X Files

Dana Scully - The X Files
Even though Mulder does everything he can to pull Scully into believing in what they see, she's all about the science. She's the skeptic of the pair, trying to keep Mulder's feet on the ground, which is a tough job. So tough that even her scientific brain can't explain some of the things they see in the X-files, and she gets dragged right into the impossible.

8. Walter White - Breaking Bad

Walter White - Breaking Bad
Walter White started out innocent enough. A chemist turned high school chemistry teacher, he was worried about making ends meet for his family, so of course, he went rogue! The next logical step was for him to use those chemistry skills in his beloved lab to make meth for the drug trade. Obviously. What else was he going to do, ask for a pay raise?

9. Data - Star Trek The Next Generation

Data - Star Trek The Next Generation
Data doesn't live in the lab; he IS the lab, so we include him on our list. A modern-day Spock-ish figure, he doesn't have to deal with pesky emotions (much) and can help the crew by spitting out complex computations on the go. He's like a smartphone, only bigger.

10. Sam Beckett - Quantum Leap

Sam Beckett - Quantum Leap
Sam Beckett spent so much time in the lab on Quantum Leap; he created his own personal Hell. Proof that too much of one thing can't be good. He stuck himself in the time travel loop because of his experiments, and he spends the show trying to stop. Way to go, Sam. Way to go.

11. Felicity Smoak - Arrow

Felicity Smoak - Arrow
Computer Nerd, Felicity Smoak, was going to make damn sure she didn't end up as a waitress in a cocktail bar. (That much is true.) She graduated summa cum laude from MIT with a computer degree and hadn't looked back. It would be fun to see Felicity and Penelope Garcia go toe to toe with their hacking skills.

12. Eugene Porter - The Walking Dead

Eugene Porter - The Walking Dead
The only reason Eugene doesn't spend his life in a lab is that of the whole zombie situation won't allow it. Given him the opportunity, and Eugene shines solving apocalyptic problems with the scraps remaining on the earth. Wherever Eugene ends up when the apocalypse is over, we're sure there will be a lab waiting with his name on it.

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