19 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Resident!

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7. An Ambivalent Antagonist

An Ambivalent Antagonist
Oh, Dr. Randolph Bell is a sight to behold. His introduction was shocking and grotesque, but he has since become the character most difficult to place and categorize. He's charming and magnetic but also manipulative. He's reprehensible but also rational. He's self-serving, vain and egotistical, but there is something decidedly human and relatable about his compulsive need to hold on to the remnants of his declining career. Bruce Greenwood excels at making this character one you love to hate but also hate to love.

8. Hawkfor

Conrad and Mina's friendship is one of the best of the series. They have a mutual respect for one another, and they respect each other's talents. They bond over how great they are in their fields, their confidence bordering on arrogance, and their drive to help others. Mina is one of the first people Conrad comes to when he's in need, and Conrad is Mina's closest friend at the hospital. There is never enough Hawkfor.

9. The Bromance

The Bromance
You can't have a series without a good bromance, right?! Conrad and Devon didn't start off on the best foot, but they quickly moved past that. They balance each other out and challenge one another in the best possible ways. Devon is headstrong, but it's funny watching Conrad's influence affect his character. Some days, it's as if Devon has become a mini-Conrad.

10. Patients and Medical Cases You're Invested In

Patients and Medical Cases You're Invested In
The Resident understands that the story is about the medical staff and the patients they treat. So you can expect the patients to be fully developed characters too. When you connect with the patients, it makes the cases all the more interesting. There are many fun, gross, heartbreaking, shocking, and unusual medical cases throughout the series. The show also does a great job of depicting rare, lesser known, or underrepresented medical ailments, disorders, and diseases. No matter the case of the week, you'll be invested in it.

11. Irving Feldman

Irving Feldman
Every show needs a good scene-stealer, and Dr. Feldman is that guy. Irving is the show's quirky character who serves as the human ray of sunshine. He's funny, dorky, and sweet. He's less inclined to break or bend the rules as his colleagues, but that's part of his charm. Irving's crush on Mina is adorable and endearing. Irving is the best!

12. CoNic Feels

CoNic Feels
Conrad and Nic is a 'ship that will have everyone invested. Trust me, I can take or leave 'ships the majority of the time, but Emily Vancamp and Matt Czuchry have electric chemistry. They are captivating to watch on screen together. Conrad and Nic have a rocky romantic past, but that hasn't kept them from being supportive, genuine friends. The second half of the season expounds on their deep bond and balances out their relationship. Conrad's feelings for Nic are more than just love, but reverence and Nic is in love with Conrad and pulls the best out of him.

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The Resident Quotes

Devon: A hospital wedding with a happy ending.
Conrad: As long as Bell doesn't kill her on the ER table.

Irving: What happened to him?
Mina: I did.