17 TV Medics That Get Our Heart Racing

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We love any character that works in a hospital on TV. 

There, we said it. There's something really hot about a character who goes out their way to save lives. No, we're not talking about super heroes. We're talking about the ones who are (mostly!) human.

Given the popularity of medical dramas this season, you can expect to get some more hot docs on your TV set soon. Some of them might even have made this list!

Have a look at the gallery below for the hottest life savers on Television. 

1. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley - House

Remy "Thirteen" Hadley - House
Does anyone else miss House as much as I do? There were a whole host of hot docs on that show. One of the most notable has got to be Olivia Wilde's portrayal of Thirteen. The character had so many layers and I've loved the actress ever since she locked lips with Marissa on The OC. This is one show that probably will end up getting the revival treatment.

2. Lily Manning - Chicago Med

Lily Manning - Chicago Med
The show may not have premiered yet, but we’ve seen Torey Devito work in medicine as the helper of vampires in Mystic Falls and the keeper of secrets in Rosewood over on Pretty Little Liars. This marks her first series regular gig and we can't wait to see what happens for her character! She's already a favorite!

3. Alex Karev - Grey's Anatomy

Alex Karev - Grey's Anatomy
With McDreamy well and truely away from Seattle Grace, it's time for Alex to step up to the mark and get some much needed love. We know he'll never, ever get back with Izzie, but we can dream, right? Also, he's probably the most experienced doctor on the list, so rest assured that you'll be in safe hands with him.

4. Sara Tancredi - Prison Break

Sara Tancredi - Prison Break
We're still quite speechless that Prison Break is making a comeback, but Sara deserved her place on this list. The hot red head first appeared as Michael tried to make a plan to escape the least secure prison in the world, but her love story with Michael was the only real thing in her life at that stage. Who says a little fumble with an inmate won't solve all your problems?

5. Melissa McCall - Teen Wolf

Melissa McCall - Teen Wolf
And the award for the best TV mother goes to momma McCall. She may be pulling double shifts at the hospital to pay the bills, but she totally embraces her son's werewolf ways and even helps out when she can. Now to get the woman a man who she can juggle with her hectic life. We would recommend the lucky suitor to steer clear of Beacon Hills though!

6. Danny Castellano - The Mindy Project

Danny Castellano - The Mindy Project
We don't doubt for one minute that Danny was encoring this dance when Hulu saved the comedy from cancellation. It was a HOT routine. You can tell that by the way Mindy totally wants to take a trip to bone town with him every episode. The man does have patience putting up with his baby mama's antics. Patience is a good trait to have, right Fox?

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