17 Times YOU Nailed Creepy Male Behvior

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Unfortunately, if you identify as female in this day and age, you have probably experienced unwanted, entitled, or just plain uncomfortable male behavior at least once in your life.

Lifetime's YOU, based on the book series by Caroline Kepnes, might be a slightly dramatized version of that, but it still hits close to home on many fronts.

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Joe Goldberg, played with velvety smooth creepiness by Penn Badgley, may look like the innocent loner on the outside, but beneath those glass-cut cheekbones beats the heart of an unhinged stalker.

Only six episodes in and Joe has displayed some uncomfortably familiar traits, all of which are instantly recognizable to a female viewer. Here are the 17 times Lifetime's YOU nailed creepy male behavior. 

1. When Joe Watched Beck Getting Dressed Through Her Window

When Joe Watched Beck Getting Dressed Through Her Window
When you live in a city, you ALWAYS need curtains for your bedroom. Unfortunately, if someone can see you through your window, they will watch you.

2. When Joe Sabotaged Beck's Relationship

When Joe Sabotaged Beck's Relationship
Granted, Joe's form of sabotage includes kidnapping and killing but then, men will go to some crazy lengths to get what they want.

3. When Joe Got Creepy With Beck's Friends

When Joe Got Creepy With Beck's Friends
Ok, so Beck's friends are genuinely awful people, but it's not Joe's business who Beck hangs out with and he definitely shouldn't be stealing their property. What is it with men and their judgment of female relationships?

4. When Joe Literally Stalked Beck and Her Family

When Joe Literally Stalked Beck and Her Family
It's actually pretty unbelievable that Beck wasn't thoroughly creeped out after finding Joe in the same Charles Dickens fair and her family, but love is blind I guess? Ladies, if a man follows you to get close to you, it's not romantic, it's creepy.

5. Getting Violent With Beck's Friends

Getting Violent With Beck's Friends
Again, YOU has a way of dramatizing situations in the way that only a LIfetime program can, however, male violence against women and those close to them is a very real problem. If a man so much as shoves someone when unprovoked, it's a pretty clear red flag.

6. Breaking and Entering

Breaking and Entering
Has a man ever forced his way into your home? In Joe's case, not only does he break into Peach Salinger's house, he literally hides under her bed while she has sex. Creepy.

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YOU Quotes

Beck: What we're doing is wrong. I didn't get it, but now I see it. I really see it.
Joe: See what?
Beck: You are so good for me. I mean you help me so much, and you're the best thing that ever happened to my writing, which is everything.
Joe Voiceover: But ...
Beck: But the world is twisted and unfair, and let's face it. I am no good for you, but Karen Minty is, and I am jealous, and I wish I did things differently. I wish I hadn't shut down after Peach died and I hadn't pushed you away, but I think it came from how scared I was to need you. But I'm a mess, and you deserve better. You deserve to be with someone who is perfect for you.
Joe: You're right.

It's not that I don't want you. We have a connection something deep, but the last time I loved someone, well, I can't risk repeating history. So really this is me protecting you by being your friend.