18 Ships That Drive Us Crazy

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7. Ezria - Pretty Little Liars

Ezria - Pretty Little Liars
Another couple who kept their sordid bed hopping a secret, but that's because Ezra was Aria's teacher. Yes, Rosewood is a town filled with secrets, but most of them are hot.

8. Olitz - Scandal

Olitz - Scandal
Olivia Pope is anyones after a few wines, but when she gets handled by Fitz, there is no wine in sight! Poor Melly always seems like just a few metres away from all the heavy breathing, but why is it so good?

9. Olicity - Arrow

Olicity - Arrow
When Oliver isn't taking down villains in Starling City, he occasionally plays target practice with Felicity. Although the scene a few weeks back was random on so many levels, you can't deny it was HOT. More please.

10. Danny and Mindy - The Mindy Project

Danny and Mindy - The Mindy Project
They went the whole TEN! yards on a freaking plane. If that's not some lingering lust then what is? These two have defied the odds and are one of the funniest couples on TV. Danny. Dancing. WTF.

11. Haylijah - The Originals

Haylijah - The Originals
Having to witness the love of your life marry someone must be hard, but I'm sure Elijah was thinking about all of the racy things they've done, all while Hayley looks at him seductively. These two won't be together for an eternity if Klaus has any say in it, but what's an eternity when you have love?

12. Bellarke - The 100

Bellarke - The 100
Bellamy and Clarke spent much of the first season at odds, but they reached an understanding in the sophomore run and fans have been clamoring for them to roll around in the mud, but will it happen? Time will tell.

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