17 Couples Who Need A Vacation...Right Now!

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13. Vincent and Catherine - Beauty and The Beast

Vincent and Catherine - Beauty and The Beast
Sure, these two just came back from a nice romantic getaway, but for what? Vincent and Catherine need to pack their bags back up and go someplace else where no one can find them. The end is coming, why not just let them be happy a bit longer?

14. Casey and Dawson - Chicago Fire

Casey and Dawson - Chicago Fire
These two need a vacation and fast. Things were dicey for a while, but they’re finally back to where they belong: together. Casey and Dawson need some time to reconnect, child or no child. Even if they went to Disney World, that’d give them a perfect opportunity to not just be “parents,” but be a couple as well.

15. Alex and Piper - Orange is the New Black

Alex and Piper - Orange is the New Black
Okay, so these two aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but who says they can’t go on an imaginary vacation? A trip to Paris would be nice, or maybe Vegas. Just imagine the possibilities. One thing is for sure though, Piper and Alex need to do something before they implode!

16. Henry and Elizabeth McCord - Madam Secretary

Henry and Elizabeth McCord - Madam Secretary
When Elizabeth took the job as Secretary of State, she didn't do it with the expectation Henry would be in super secret spy mode half (or more of) the time. Now they're both full of secrets and stress. The latest offer on the table? Elizabeth has the oppty to be Vice President. Start booking hotel rooms, because they may not get another chance for a getaway any time soon!

17. Carrie and Quinn - Homeland

Carrie and Quinn - Homeland
In TV land there’s always room for miracles, so why not for Quinn. When he wakes up, he and Carrie need to get out of town not only so he can recuperate, but so then can rekindle their romance. Two people who just went through what they did need more than just a short vacation.

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