16 Relationships That Won Our Hearts

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Everybody loves a good relationship, whether it's a gooey romance, a platonic friendship or a snazzy team at work.

Check out the best from the 2016-17 television season!

1. Barry Allen and Iris West - The Flash

Barry Allen and Iris West - The Flash
Even with all the maddening, silly soap opera obstacles thrown in front of them, I still like the West-Allen ship on "The Flash." The writers have gradually given Iris more depth as a character, so I hope they will finally give her the attention she deserves. She's the glue that holds the STAR Labs Scooby Gang together, and she has the patience of a saint to still be with that dolt Barry Allen after all his selfish, misguided, idiotic antics. Hopefully, his time in the Speed Force prison will make him realize how lucky he is to have her, and we can finally have a proper romance between the two.

2. Alex and Maggie - Supergirl

Alex and Maggie - Supergirl
Alex's coming out story and her relationship with Maggie has been one of the best parts of Supergirl Season 2. Simply put, they're absolutely adorable but more than that they love and support each other. When they have a conflict, they talk it out and deal with it maturely. Sure, they're moving a little fast, but they have jobs that keep them in constant danger. Life is short, so here's to a Sanvers wedding in Season 3! - Stacy

3. Captain Swan - Once Upon a Time

Captain Swan - Once Upon a Time
Captain Swan on Once Upon a Time. Emma and Killian have been put through the ringer for several seasons, but Once Upon a Time Season 6 took everything to the next level. They moved in together, got engaged, and then experienced the dark night of the soul moment when he was kidnapped and she thought he abandoned her. They came through it stronger than ever, celebrated with a beautiful, musical wedding, and fought evil one last time to earn their happily ever after. - Mandy

4. Lena and Stef Adams-Foster - The Fosters

Lena and Stef Adams-Foster - The Fosters
They're #RelationshipGoals. It's nothing short of a miracle that these women can still have such a healthy marriage while juggling their brood of lovable, trouble magnet children. Honestly, they should be sainted. But some time between court cases, pregnancy scares, life-threatening injuries, murder investigations, and financial difficulties this couple managed to renew their vows and reaffirm that Love is Love. - Jasmine

5. Booth and Brennan - Bones

Booth and Brennan - Bones
Though we said goodbye to Booth and Brennan this year with the end of Bones, it was comforting to see the strength of their relationship until the end. In a moment when Brennan thought her life was changed forever, Booth assured her they could get through anything together – something we've seen time and again. - Ashley

6. Elizabeth and Henry McCord - Madam Secretary

Elizabeth and Henry McCord - Madam Secretary
The McCord family. Elizabeth and Henry McCord not only have the most stable, loving marriage on TV, they also have the most wonderfully family. As Secretary of State and a consultant with the NSA, Elizabeth and Henry can literally have the fate of the world in their hands, yet they manage to strike the perfect balance between their important, high-stress jobs, parenting three teenagers, and keeping their romance alive. Best of all, their kids are smart, sometimes snarky, yet loyal and loving. It’s hard to find a better TV family than the McCords. - Christine

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