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Elizabeth is struggling in the wake of Nathan's news. She meets Rosemary outside. She's on her way to open the dress shop to Florence in her search of the perfect wedding dress.

She's flummoxed that it took Florence and Ned so long to find each other, given their close proximity and circumstances. All Elizabeth wants to know is why Nathan took so long to tell her about Jack.

She's taken aback when Rosemary says maybe Nathan didn't think it was important enough to mention when Rosemary reminds her that Jack's death wasn't Nathan's fault.

But with all the times they've stood by each other and theorized about this and that, Rosemary's comment upsets Elizabeth quite a bit.

Clara is so excited to see Minnie at the Cafe. She's overwhelmed with so much to do to run the Cafe and prepare for the wedding feast.

Jesse tells Lee things are going much better with Clara, and in addition to Lee's advice, Pastor Joseph gave him the best advice.

Lee cannot believe he's the last to know about Joseph. Clara wonders if he reads the newspaper. They don't have one, Lee says. Maybe that's why.

Florence cannot find a dress she loves. Nothing is speaking to her.

Fiona is finally back! Florence and Molly are thrilled to see her, a day early for the wedding.

Nathan and Bill are pushing a car down the road. It's the stolen car, and Bill must know who stole it. It's just the way he is.

Allie visits the saloon, and Lucas welcomes her with a Maraschino cherry. She came to return the gift he gave her. She won't accept it because he and Uncle Nathan both like Mrs. Thornton.

Lucas shares with Allie a story from his childhood in which he was afraid a man was taking his mother away from him. He bit him on the ankle, and since he doesn't want to be similarly treated, he promises that he'll work things out with Nathan.

Elizabeth runs into Allie, getting the wrong impression from her about the conversation with Lucas. Nathan wanders up next, and Elizabeth walks away.

Christopher is whining about Rachel being gone, and Henry wonders about the car. Christopher's friend took it, and Henry says you cannot borrow a stolen car.

Christopher promises he's done with things like that, thanks to Rachel and Henry. Henry's advice is to ensure Christopher doesn't lose Rachel if he thinks he's a better man because of her.

Mike and Ned arrive at the barbershop hoping to get Ned a trim, but Florence is already in the chair, and despite it being Men's day, they're ushered away. First things first, they need to find her a hairstyle for the party tonight.

Lucas finds Elizabeth at the school. He wants to tell her about Allie. That's when she tells Lucas that she doesn't want to be caught in the middle of them any more than Allie wants to be. He had no idea she felt that way. She mentions she learned something from Nathan, who has her out of sorts, and shares it with him after assuring her there's no pressure to do so.

Even Lucas has no idea how to respond to the information she learned. Lucas wants her permission to determine why Nathan never told her, and she thanks him, but no. When he says that he is always there if she needs him, she fingers the ring on her finger.

Lee asks Joseph if he'll pastor the church, and they agree. But Joseph needs something which requires them to take a little wagon ride.

Faith finds Carson by the pond. It seems like they were just there, but neither of them knew how much she had changed.

Carson accepted the fellowship. He feels he had no choice, especially since she told him she must go. He put all of his plans aside while she went away, but now he has to do what's best for him, and he's still holding out hope she'll join him in Baltimore.

The car owner is coming to Hope Valley for his vehicle.

Nathan visits the library, where he sees Rosemary. He's read quite a few books by women, but he still doesn't understand women. Rosemary offers him advice, sharing that she's been where he's standing. She was once in love with Jack, and she might have caused Elizabeth and Jack unhappiness along the way. Nathan says he cannot let Elizabeth go that easy. He just can't.

Allie is watching the switchboard. Paul, Florence's son (huh?), offers her candy.

Joseph and Lee are traveling back to the valley with a large bell on the back of their carriage.

The Canfields might be moving closer to town. There have been surveyors at the property, and Joseph thinks they'll be making an offer.

Ned's bachelor party will be a large dinner, which Mike finds incredibly boring. Things take a southern turn when they find all of the food Clara has slaved over, and Jesse offers a plate to Mike.

Thankfully, they're just eating pie beside the special food, but Clara thought wrong. She apologizes, but he's upset. It came on the heels of telling Mike all was well and calm.

Elizabeth visits Nathan for clarity on why he took so long to tell her about the accident, and he says he felt it was his duty to protect her but felt guilty when he fell in love with her.

Christopher asks Henry about the woman he cared for, and he says she left town to care for her mother.

It's another dueling bachelor and bachelorette party situation.

Lucas wants a word with Henry outside. He contacted Christopher to come and work with them to keep an eye on Henry because he didn't know if he could be trusted.

What a perfect way to put a wedge between Lucas and Elizabeth.

Jesse and Clara meet at the bar, where she invites them to join, and they make up.

Joseph is embarrassed for the guys and the poor nature of their bachelor parties, but Jesse waves them over to the real party.

Bill and Ned are investigating the car to find out who took it. There is a giant footprint on the roof, and Bill is excited about the possibilities.

Carson and Faith talk about having a long-term relationship, and Carson wonders why they don't plan on getting married sometime in the future. Maybe that will give them something to hold on to. They admit they're lost and have no idea what to do, even if they're certain they love each other.

Bill and Molly slay charades.

Finola introduces a popular but risque game that includes a blindfolded woman and a line of men. She needs to find the man she needs to be with just by holding his hands.

Of course, Elizabeth fails, thinking she's holding Lucas's hand when she's got Nathan in her hand. Lucas visits her the next day, laughing. She didn't find it funny. She was mortified, but he doesn't want her to be upset on his account.

Lucas asks about her chat with Nathan, and Elizabeth tells him that Nathan told her he loves her again. He wonders, of course, what she said. She said nothing and just left. Elizbeth invites Lucas inside, but he just wanted to ensure she was alright.

Christopher is leaving town to find Rachel. Christopher tries to tell Henry why he came to town, but Henry stops him. None of it matters in light of what they've experienced together.

Carson will be gone for two years. Faith is still considering the possibility of leaving. She just doesn't know.

Mike asks Fiona to dinner, and she accepts.

Henry offers to help Bill solve the mining disaster as a means to keep him from pursuing Christopher. When Bill leaves, Henry tosses Christopher's boots in the fire.

Elizabeth wonders if Rosemary encouraged Nathan's love for her. She's quite upset about the possibility, and Rosemary thinks she should leave. Perhaps she should.

When Calls the Heart
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When Calls the Heart Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

Since learning Jack was killed on a training mission on which in Nathan's stead, I've been left to reflect, once more, on the senseless accident that took his life. While questioning why Nathan kept this hidden from me for so long.


Rosemary: Maybe he didn't think it was important enough to warrant upsetting you.
Elizabeth: Not important enough?
Rosemary: Elizabeth, Jack's death wasn't Nathan's fault. You know that, don't you?
Elizabeth: Rosemary, I just told you that nothing made sense to me, so why would you think that a comment like that would help?
Rosemary: Because it's the truth.
Elizabeth: Excuse me.