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Walker gets home on the ranch, sees his wife, tells her to be safe as he prepares to spend time with the family.

Raucous family game night. He doesn't understand the rules, so it isn't fair. When he says that, his daughter gets a bonus turn because she knew he'd say that.

Just then, he gets a call from Emily. She's on her cell, running through the brush with a flashlight. She says something's not right. Walker hears bullets. He hangs up without saying anything to the family, goes outside, and tries calling Emily.

She's bleeding to death, her phone ringing beside her.

No frame for how much time has passed, but everyone is waiting for him. His old partner, Larry, is now his boss. His brother, Liam, and the kids are standing by waiting to see him. But it's not him. It's Stan.

Walker is drinking in the back of his truck, thinking about his wife. He's greeted by Trooper Ramirez, who sees his ID and offers to take him home.

He's carrying the work with him and didn't want to carry the stink of it home with him. Instead, he gets to go home to a ghost.

The officer recognizes a fellow officer. He introduces himself. Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger. Respect, she says.

She just got promoted. He gives her respect in return.

Once on the couch, he falls asleep. The next morning, he jogs over to the park to get his hat and truck and hits the road.

He heads over to his dad. Dad isn't all that impressed that he accomplished whatever he did because it took him ten months.

It's hugs and hellos all around before hitting the streets again.

Walker meets Micki, his cab driver. She's his new partner.

Walker's mom enrolled the kids in Catholic school, and he notes that's not what they wanted for the kids. But the kids seem happy. The kids' names are Stella and Auggie? I thought his name was Arlo.

Walker has to pick up Stella -- from the police station. She's caught for possession.

The first look he gets of his daughter after ten months is in the police station. When the other girl's parents arrive, Walker acts like a gentleman, suggesting they get together to talk about their girls. Stella is embarrassed beyond belief.

Mom always said he'd never been on a case that long. But this last case was something else, he said. They didn't have mom or him.

Micki's boyfriend, Trey, is home when she arrives. They discuss Cordell Walker, the legend.

Walker and Liam head to the local honkytonk. Bartender Geri wonders how he was. He stopped talking to her because he had too many questions she couldn't answer.

The music changes, and he drags her to the dance floor.

He gets called to work.

They question a couple of punks, and when one of them digs on Walker about his dead wife getting a bullet down by the border, they get into an altercation. Micki thinks he's too rough on the kid who swung at him.

This is a strange relationship. Since he's a legend, why is she mouthing off to him on her first day? Very uncool.

Walker has to head over to Stella's school. On his way into the school, Liam is walking out. Emergency contact. Stella didn't get on the bus.

When Walker goes to see the Munez family, she thinks he's there to get them since they are waiting to be legal and couldn't break the law, which their daughter did the night before.

Stella is annoyed that her mother managed to do it all, but he can't make it happen. There were all kinds of family members for the kids, but all they wanted was him.

Their bust opens a bigger case, and Walker has to go undercover again.

Walker doesn't know why there was a poker chip on Emily in death or why her eyes were closed as if someone laid her to rest. Liam reminds him all he can do is be here. Start being here.

Abeline thinks Stella is a lot like Walker. She wants him to take a moment to get to know the kids again. She also thinks they should all be living on the same property so that they're all nearby.

Walker decides not to take the job. Stella is happy. Now is all the time they have.

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Walker Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Walker: Congratulations on the promotion. Should have celebrated last night.
Micki: I think you celebrated enough for both of us last night.

Walker: Micki. I figured you'd be a guy.
Micki: So did my mom.