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Continuing where last week's episode left off, Richmond confronted Linden about him being "Orpheus."

Linden and Holder, now with their new prime suspect, search for more clues that will connect Richmond to the campaign car.

After checking the mileage on the car, the two discern that it must have stopped for gas. Plus, the car would have had to pass through a tollbooth, which contain security cameras.

The detectives find the gas station and effectively connect the dots to where Rosie's belongings were found in the field in the first episode.

Stan checks in on Ahmed while going on a little soul searching.

Linden angrily confronts Richmond and Gwen overhears. She hands over video footage to Linden that shows Richmond meeting Rosie on the campaign.

Holder gives Linden a photo of Richmond in the campaign car passing through the tollbooth security camera.

Mitch decides to leave Stan.

Linden is set to leave when she receives a phone call that reveals that the security cameras weren't working and Holder's photo was a fake.

Holder is working for someone.

Belko pulls a gun on Richmond.

The Killing
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The Killing Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Holder: What's so funny?
Linden: You trying to do math is kind of like a dog wearing a hat.

Yo, why don't you focus your beady little eyes on driving instead?