Preparing For a Birthday - The Conners
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Louise’s brother, Neville, is a veterinarian and offers to come over when Mark is worried that their chickens have stopped laying eggs. (Turns out the chickens just need more protein in their diet.) Neville has a crush on Jackie, who keeps trying to push him away, believing that she is toxic to all relationships. Much to Louise’s dismay, Neville continues to pursue Jackie, who eventually agrees to meet him for a coffee date. 
Darlene is pregnant. She tells Becky and then Ben, who are both as absolutely thrilled as Darlene is. Then Darlene finds out her test was a false positive, that she’s in perimenopause, and the odds of her getting pregnant are very slim. She and Ben are both devastated.
Emilio wants to have a huge first birthday party for Beverly Rose, which is his family’s tradition, but Becky doesn’t want to waste the money. He also wants to have the baby baptized as a Catholic, but Becky doesn’t want to choose her religion for her. 
When Dan finds out that Emilio snuck back into the country, he explodes. He fears Beverly Rose will spend every day worrying that her Daddy will disappear, but Emilio says he refuses to miss any more of his daughter’s life.
Emilio and Becky argue. He feels like he has no say in his daughter’s life, and Becky explains how she had to do everything alone, and now she’s not used to sharing her daughter. They decide to throw a party, and Becky agrees to have the baby baptized. They choose Ben and Darlene as Godparents. At first, Dan refuses to come, but then he arrives at the church saying that he wanted Beverly Rose to look back on these photos and know that he loved her.
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The Conners Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Mark: They’re my emotional support chickens.
Darlene: That may be a sign I’m failing him as a parent.

You don’t want to see me hungry. There used to be another kid around here.