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Park is visiting with her old roommate Melissa. A thug comes into Melissa's restaurant for a loan payment, which Park observes. Melissa denies there's any problem. Park goes to see Red. Harold sent her to find out about his latest case. He gives her the history of the Wellstone Agency, a translation service for criminals. He suspects that Liz has recently used Wellstone's services and he needs the Task Force to get to its top officials. She suggests that he stop hunting Liz. Aram, who speaks six languages, will go undercover at Wellstone. Red and Dembe discover that Glen died. His mother Paula is throwing him a farewell party. He left a letter for Raymond. Melissa is hospitalized after a fire in the kitchen. Park arrests the enforcer. Glen wants Reddington to get Huey Lewis to attend the party. He also wants his ashes spread at the Statue of Liberty. Aram takes a sedative and wakes up inside Wellstone. Melissa dies from her injuries. Without evidence, the thug gets released. Red meets with Huey and offers to pay him to attend Glen's party. Huey turns him down. After finding LIz's interpreter, Aram gets caught hacking a laptop but gets off by acting indignant about their lack of discretion. Harold gives Raymond the name of Alexander Frayne. Red calls to warn him the cops are coming. But Frayne doesn't know the name of the person to whom Liz talked. Park beats the thug with an ashtray then calls Reddington for help. Red calls for Aram to translate for The Colonel, the deaf head of Wellstone. He tells The Colonel Wellstone has an FBI mole. Raymond demands the name of LIz's contact. Then he gave it to Harold. Huey shows up at the party. Red takes Glen's ashes to Ellis Island. 

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Have you considered simply leaving Keen alone, taking a breath to consider your role in all this?

Park [to Red]

Park: Why is it the really wealthy always want to own a restaurant?
Red: I'm sure for some it has a lot to do with glad-handing and back-slapping. For me, it was sort of a friend in need. Now it's a project. We're expanding. And this, an office, with a stove and a walk-in.