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Harold gets a call from Congressman Freidenberg, who wants to meet with him. He's setting up Harold for Russians, who abducted his daughter. Then he gets killed by injection. Red has to calm down Sikorsky in Russia about Harold. Dembe is afraid they will assassinate Harold against Reddington's wishes. Sikorsky tells Red that Cooper will be targeted to protect Rakitin. Harold is abducted by Rakitin at his "meet" with Freidenberg. Red calls Rakitin, who hangs up on him. Rakitin tells Harold his death will look like suicide. Then Raymond calls again so Aram can track Harold's location. Ressler and troops crash in and save him, arresting Rakitin. Sikorsky is angry that Red handed Rakitin over to the FBI. Reddington reassures him and hangs up. Ressler calls Hadley to get him in touch with Keen so he can update her. Harold gives Panabaker the whole history of Agent N13, who Keen believes is Raymond, and who Rakitin is. Park and Aram debate whether Red is N13. Reddington calls Park to get her help. Ressler calls a number provided by Skip and leaves a message. Raymond relocated the man Park attacked, not killed him. He wants her help to neutralize Rakitin. Red approaches an old associate for his help to deal with Rakitin. Harold tells Rakitin he just wants to know N13's end game. Panabaker interrupts the interrogation. Raymond gives Park instructions to deliver to Rakitin. Rakitin agrees to make a statement against Reddington. Ressler keeps trying to reach Liz. Park slips Rakitin the note from Red. The note is blank. But it poisons and kills Rakitin. Harold and Panabaker debate how to approach Raymond. Red tells Park to burn the letter. Reddington suggests Rakitin's bosses had him killed. Panabaker is launching an investigation into Rakitin's death. Red sets Sikorsky straight.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 12 Quotes

We might be near the end of Reddington. Then we can bring in [Liz] on her own terms.

Ressler [to Skip]

Rakitin: And yet you persisted. Why?
Harold: Because we're the FBI.