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Dr. Laken Perrilos, a torture specialist. is summoned by Neville Townsend. Red interrogates Bobby, who launders Townsend's money. Bobby steers him toward Perrilos. Red tells Harold that putting out an arrest warrant on Liz is a mistake. He informs him that Liz is working with Townsend. Red gives him Perrilos as a lead. A group of men attempt to abduct Reddington while he visits Ruddiger but only capture Dembe. They bring him to Perillos. Raymond crashes Bobby's operation as a way to get in touch with Townsend. He shoots Bobby in the leg. Townsend tries to remotely interrogate Dembe. Red talks with Townsend and offers to trade himself for Dembe. Reddington drinks a sedative then is taken to Perrilos. Dembe breaks free and stabs Perrilos with her own torture instrument, grabbing her gun. But Raymond has already been taken. Ressler arrives after Perrilos has left with Red. Perrilos injects Reddington and Townsend asks him about the Sikorsky Archives. The task force attempts to track down the supplier of the octopus toxin with which Dembe had been injected. Perrilos tells Reddington she wants to make people imperious to pain. Harold tells Dembe he would make a good cop. Dembe finds a clue that implicates Ruddiger. A dying Red talks to Liz, not Townsend, trying to get through to her and convince her to get him the antidote. Dembe visits Ruddiger, who was involved in the abduction and gives up the address of where Red is being held. Dembe crashes in. He knocks out Townsend's signal and convinces Perrilos to inject the antidote at gunpoint. Net they strap Perrilos in her chair to learn about Townsend's operation using her methods. Ressler finds her and demands the same information before he'll help her. Townsend uses Ruddiger as a punching bag.

The Blacklist
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The Blacklist Season 8 Episode 10 Quotes

So you're the one they call Dembe.

Perrilos [to Dembe]

You know what they call a money launderer who can't be trusted? A bad investment.

Red [to Bobby]