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In 1897, Martha Napp's infant daughter disappears at Lying-In Hospital in New York City. Sara hurries her horse-drawn buggy to her detective-agency office. Kreizler visits Martha at Sing Sing. That day, she's scheduled to be executed via electric chair for the murder of her missing daughter. John calls Teddy Roosevelt in Washington to see if he can get Martha a reprieve. Sara picks up John to ride together to the execution. Women led by Elizabeth Cady Stanton are protesting against the execution. Martha asks Kreizler to find her baby girl. The police attack the protesting women. Sara tries to stop the execution but Martha is electrocuted. Kreizler makes an unannouced visit to Sara's office and she nearly shoots him. They commiserate about Martha's death. He tells her about Martha's dying wish. She offers her help but he stubbornly declines. William Randolph Hearst is using his New York Journal to fan the flames of war against Spain. Isabella Linares, the Spanish consular's wife, takes her infant daughter to the park. But she's feeling hostility toward Spain and leaves. After taking a bath, she discovers that her baby has been abducted, replaced by a gruesome doll. Elizabeth calls Sara for Isabella. But they just want her to call Laszlo to help them. Sara convinces them she's the right woman for the job. Moore introduces Kreizler to his fiancee, Violet Hayward. Sara determines the kidnapper escaped through a garden door to 5th Avenue. Dr. Markoe refuses to see Kreizler. The doll came from Siegel Cooper department store. A girl at the store picks up a doll, only to find out it's a dead infant girl. John hears about it and lets Sara know. Marcus and Lucius let them in. The baby has been poisoned. Sara sends for Laszlo.  He identifies the baby as Martha's. 

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness
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The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Martha: What are they calling me? Are they calling me a monster, Dr. Kreizler?
Kreizler: You are not a monster, Martha. It is the world that is monstrous.

Deputy Warden: In my book, butchering your own child is a crime against God and man.
Kreizler: Despite your polished shoes and shiny buttons, Deputy Warden, I do not believe your uniform gives you the right to pass sentence.