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Andy reconnects with her aunt Sandra, her uncle Johnny, and her cousin Michelle at a BBQ, just like when she was younger.

While there is still some tension, Sandra apologizes for keeping the truth from Andy.

Andy later asks why no one ever told her about her mother, and Michelle reveals she did tell Andy the truth when they were younger, which is the reason why Pruitt cut off contact with them.

Flashbacks confirm this, and after a young Michelle tells a young Andy the truth, Pruitt rushes his daughter to the car.

Sullivan continues to work on his sobriety and wonders if his separation with Andy is really necessary.

Amelia tells Sullivan it is, and Richard becomes his sponsor.

Maya and Carina miss each other and are having a tough time with the separation.

Carina mentions this to Ben, who tells her that his situation with Bailey is different than hers and Maya, and the couple decide to move in together.

Vic is mad at Dean after learning he broke up with Sasha, but all is forgiven after he saves her from being eaten by the escaped tiger.

Travis continues to have a hard time after learning his father is gay and it affects his work.


Station 19
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Station 19 Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Vic: Where’s Herrera?
Travis: Bishop gave her the day off. She’s with her family.
Vic: Family, like her mom? I thought we hated mom. Do we not hate mom?
Travis: No, we hate mom. She’s with auntie and cousins. We like them.

Andy: Everything’s exactly like when we were kids.
Johnny: Why change a good thing, right?
Andy: I love it. Thank you so much, but really you didn’t have to go through all this trouble.
Michelle: She thinks we did this all for her.
Sandra: Honey, we do this every weekend, but now you’re going to have to join us.
Michelle: Now, they’re gonna make you even when you don’t want to.
Andy: Of course you all never stopped doing this. You just stopped inviting me.
Sandra: Elena, that was a strange situation.
Johnny: But we’re your family, and we love you, and that never changed.
Sandra: Andy, I know what that face means.
Andy: No, it’s fine. It’s whatever.
Sandra: No, it wasn’t fine, and it’s not whatever, but know we have you back.