On Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 8, the revolution begins and Cavill is captured by Grey when First learns the truth about Wilford.

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Miles let LJ into the Engine and she sees there is no Mr. Wilford. She steals Cavill's photo of her daughter.
Layton organizes the Tailie forces for the attack.
Ruth is called into the Folgers carriage and confronted with the truth about Wilford. They call the First Class Committee together and summon Cavill. When she arrives, they take her into custody but she manages to warn the Engine to lockdown. Javi still lets Grey and Ruth in and tells them that Wilford's been dead since departure.
The Tailies cut coms and emerge from the tail. Roche tries to stop them in The Chains but Till and Layton convince him to let them pass through Third.
A Tailie force fights the jackboots in the subtrain with a weapon that skewers them.
Grey takes a separate force up through the Night train and they engage the Tailies in a battle until Grey calls a retreat.
In the Drawers, Aus is helping Klimpt wake the Tailie leaders from the last revolt. Strong Boy wakes up speaking Mandarin when he was mute before being put in the Drawers.
Jackboots return to the Night Car and smoke bomb the Tailies, forcing them back into Third.
When Aus goes to wake Pike, the Drawer is empty. Pike is in First, eating chocolate cake and offering to help them defeat Layton.

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On Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 8, the revolution begins.

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Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Till: I wonder, Jinju, just how many deep, dark secrets about this train you really do know.
Jinju: Please don't make me choose between you and the train.

It's Wilford who runs our sacred engine. It's Wilford who has his finger on our pulse, who knows exactly what we need, how much food and water, how much heat and space, how much discipline. It's Wilford that saved us from the bitter cold. He's the only reason we're alive.