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Melanie stands outside the train, trying to contact Javi. She informs the engine that she's headed to the connector.

In the Tail, Alexandra addresses Snowpiercer, demanding they comply with Mr. Wilford's demands or they will leave them stranded to die. Wilford's demands are a list of items that are to be gathered and provided. They have twelve minutes to get it done.

Ben checks in with Javi who reports the train's dead in the water. Ben has confidence that Mel will get things moving.

They make contact with Mel who starts hacking at the data uplink. She also has a sticky charger with her.

Inside the Tail, Winnie hears Mel's hatchet hits. The temp in the train has dropped to -12 degrees.

As the runners on Snowpiercer hurry to gather the items, Miss Audrey seems stunned to learn that Wilford is still alive. Layton asks her for Wilford's favourite scotch.

Mel's able to hack through the uplink and restore some systems to Snowpiercer. She crawls under the trains to attach the sticky charger. Ben begs her to get back on the train before she goes hypothermic.

In the Tail, Pike knocks on the hatch to indicate they've retrieved the items. Alexandra and a guard return and collect what they've gathered. Once they've returned to Big Alice, the train begins to move.

Mel is still under the train when it moves. She manages to get out from under but damages her suit. Lying back, she sees a snowflake falling. Ben finally gets her moving. She takes a sample of the snow around her and manages to get aboard Big Alice as it passes her.

Once aboard, she is instructed to strip out of her suit for disinfection. She's sustained a wound wear the suit was breached. Disinfection is not gentle.

Dressed in coveralls, she exits the entry lock to find Kevin, someone she knew before disembarkation. He jabs her with a shock rod for leaving him and the others to die when she stole Snowpiercer.

Layton explains to the Tailies that the Tail is the border now and needs controlling. He directs them to keep a force down in the Tail to keep Snowpiercer secure. On Ruth's advice, he agrees to address the train as soon as he's met with the council in the Night Car.

Mel enters Wilford's car and is greeted by his dog, Jupiter. Wilford shares how he survived being left behind and caught up to Snowpiercer. Mel shares how she pretended he was still onboard until very recently.

Alexandra enters to Mel's shock. Alex is unimpressed with her mother's return to her life. She and Wilford discuss Snowpiercer. Kevin enters and Alex orders Mel be taken to the brig.

In the Night Car, everyone is exhausted and tempers are short. Ruth insists everything will be fine. Miss Audrey is very doom and gloom. Layton asserts that Snowpiercer will prevail.

Pulling Till and Roche aside, Layton shares a plan to attack Big Alice in order to rescue Mel.

Up in the balcony, Zarah is cornered by Strong Boy and Z-Wreck about giving up Josie. Layton and Ruth intercede and Zarah discloses that she's pregnant. Ruth sees the baby as a symbol of hope and takes control of the situation. She plans to move Zarah uptrain for safety.

In addressing the train, Layton informs them that they will extend martial law until further notice. This doesn't go down well but Till manages to calm some of the Third Class rumbling.

Alex comes to visit Mel in the brig to ask some questions. Mel asks why she didn't come to the train when she sent for her. Alex has Mel's snow sample but knows she's lying when Mel gives her reason for taking a sample.

Ruth sets Zarah up in a First Class car where the owners had committed suicide during the revolution. Layton is resistant but Zarah's all for it.

Mel stares at graffiti on the wall of her cell that reads "If you blow the math, you'll take a bath." Two Big Alice crew handcuff and black bag her and take her to a science car where she meets the resident doctors, the Headwoods, who plan to heal her flesh wound as well as damage she's sustained to her lungs.

On patrol at the border hatch, Pike taps and hears a response. He trades some fresh produce for a bag of weed.

Osweiller and LJ wander down the Tail for a look. 

Mel is brought to Wilford's car for dinner. He's in a bath and Alex isn't there.

Layton's forces are ready to attack but they don't know when the hatch will open. They smell Pike's weed and get him to knock to get the hatch open. He offers the Big Alice crew a mango. On the other side, Kevin directs the men to open the hatch. Snowpiercer's forces advance, taking Kevin hostage and pushing through the car. 

While dining, WIlford receives word that Snowpiercer breached the door. He orders "Icy Bob" be sent in.

When Bob arrives, he opens up the exterior vents, dropping the temperature and forcing the Snowpiercer attackers to retreat back through the hatch.

Ruth meets Layton upon his return and is upset to have been kept in the dark about the attack. Kevin is brought through in custody and he warns that this is a mistake.

Wilford rages at Melanie when he hears that Kevin has been taken hostage. He drags her to the engine where Alex is driving the train.

WIlford orders a full stop and reverse to bring Snowpiercer to a halt. He then orders Alex to disconnect the trains, intending to leave Snowpiercer to die for a revolution. Melanie tries to convince Alex to disobey the order but Alex chooses Wilford's way which triggers Mel's sticky charge to detonate, fusing the two trains together irreparably.

Wilford is forced to give the order to get moving. The people on Snowpiercer are relieved.

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Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Hope was our only seedling in the war of Big Alice, forty cars long, versus Snowpiercer, nine hundred and ninety-four cars strong.


On the eve of our nineteenth revolution, the great Mr. Wilford came out of the cold. It was the time of two engines. The Tail no longer the tail but a borderland. A time of great gamesmanship and great trainsmanship, of revolutions interrupted, and fresh track on new terrain.