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God's wounds! Ichabod gets an updated wardrobe. For a moment, anyway. After experiencing the skinny jean, he marches back into the room in his own dirty clothing.

Someone calls Irving and threatens his daughter. They say the witnesses have a bible and he needs to take it in his possession or they'll take his daughter. He knows the call is coming from within the precinct, and he believes it's someone possessed. He calls his local priest and the possessed man walks away.

Sheriff Corbin had video of a possessed woman, and Abbie realizes it's Jenny.

Ichabod believes Washington's Bible is the "playbook" that is encoded with messages to show how to defeat Moloch.

While she was possessed, Jenny said Corbin would be one of the first casualties, killed by the Horseman of Death and that she would kill the sister, Abbie.

By the time the earlier possessed man and Morales reach the place where Irving and Macy are hiding, with salt scattered to keep the spirits out, the demon has changed bodies again. Morales is now possessed.

They discover the demon is Ancitif and can be cast out using an ancient lantern from France, which was sent to Benjamin Franklin n 1778. Jenny knows where to find one, but it's too late. Macy is possessed and hanging in midair the middle of the living room of the cabin.

Macy is saved and Ancitif returned to hell.

Using a special concoction upon the pages of Washington's bible, Abbie and Ichabod discover handwriting in his hand that is dated four days after his death.

Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Abbie: Have you ever heard of a boondoggle?
Ichagod: If it's another form of restrictive trouser, I'd rather not.

I don't understand your obsession with my finery. Demons threaten our very existence with the promise of Apocalypse...God's wounds! One sign of the impending Apocalypse is surely skinny jeans.