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Skins Review: Troubled Tina

Skins Review: Troubled Tina

Growing up, student/teacher sex, and stalkers were a few of the topics covered in this week's Skins. Tina headlined the installment.
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Skins Review: Dutiful Daisy

Skins Review: Dutiful Daisy

Daisy wants to follow her musical dreams. Abbud wants emotionless sex. How do their goals cross? Find out in our review!
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MTV's latest reality show, Skins, is a takeoff on the UK show by the same name.

Teenagers will take drugs and have sex a lot. That's just our gut instinct.

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Skins Quotes

Stanley: Tonight Mr. Happy, the furry city.
Stanley: So you're a doctor.
Le Dong: Who said?
Stanley: PhD?
Le Dong: Pretty. Huge. Dick.

Tony: Hi, Nips.
Michelle: Stop calling me Nips, Tony.
Tony: It's a funny name. I've seen a few nips, Nips, and yours are hilarious.