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Soto is skeptical about Jason's claim that Bravo is good to go. Ray is leading in Bravo to  infiltrate a Boko Haram camp and hack its data network. Clay offers to help Sonny stay at the straight and narrow. Whitshaw is retaliating against Mina after Davis dressed him down. Mina reports Whitshaw at Davis's urging. Jason invites Soto to join them on the mission. A drunk Sonny slips and falls, injuring his head and needing stitches. An alarm sounds for an unknown submarine. Ray gets claustrophobic inside the empty water truck they'll be using on the mission. Bravo gets an additional task: to rescue a medical-aid worker if possible. Clay wants to clear the air with the team about what happened with Sonny but he disagrees. The ship goes to battle stations about the sub so comms are out. Davis gets one encrypted text to let them know they'll have no overwatch. Half of Bravo goes for the hack while the other half looks for the prisoner. Ray completes the hack but Jason has the rest of the team join him to handle multiple prisoners. They take videos of the other hostages to alert local authorities. The rest of the Boko Haram war party is returning so Bravo has to leave them there. Another party chases them because they discovered the prisoner missing. They take up positions at an abandoned village, which Boko Haram soon reaches. Sonny blows up the water truck taking out the raiding party. They use the party's jeeps to escape. Clay and Sonny get into it afterward because Sonny won't admit to what he did. Whitshaw is just being counseled, nothing more, because of Davis's history with him. Jason and Ray debate what the team leader should do for his charges outside the lines.  

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SEAL Team Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

They split the enemy in half. We need to move right now.


I thought you were the Bravo whisperer now.

Ray [to Jason]