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-Bridget remembers taking care of Sean, Siobhan's young son seven years ago. Sean's father, Dylan was absent for the first 18 months of Sean's life. When he came back to reconnect, Siobhan shut him out.

-Dylan gained Bridget's sympathy and convinced her to let him see Sean at a fair, behind Siobhan's back. They got into a car accident and Sean was killed.

-In the present, Siobhan has had a standing order for flowers to be sent to Dylan's mother on her birthday every year. Dylan finds out and tracks down Bridget (who he thinks is Siobhan) and tells her to stay away from his mother.

-Malcolm convinces Bridget to forgive Dylan.  She tells Malcolm she's tired of being Siobhan.  She wants to keep this life but as Bridget.

-Catherine tells Andrew she wants to take Juliet to Florida for a fresh start.  Andrew plans to fight her.

-Tessa buys a brand new SUV and keeps her millions under her bed. Juliet's concerned and tells Mr. Carpenter. Tessa is then beaten into a coma and her money is stolen. Mr. Carpenter denies he was involved.

-Juliet freaks out and runs to Catherine. The entire rape story and subsequent law suit were Catherine's idea from the beginning.

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

A few months ago my wife wasn't dead. It's funny how that can change your outlook on things.


And as far as my drinking, I haven't had a sip in days.