Mildred and Mr. Salvatore - Ratched
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Mildred arrives at the hospital, complaining that she has an interview. 

Nurse Bucket laughs it off, and says that is not possible. 

Mildred says she will be staying until she meets the manager. 

He is away at lunch, trying to speak to the Governor, who dodged his earlier interview. He is shot down and returns to the hospital. 

Mildred has some choice words for him, but says she will happily chat with him now. 

He says there are no jobs, so Mildred swipes the bag of a nurse she saw having sex with one of the patients. 

She tracks her down and threatens her to quit her job or she tells her family about her tryst. 

The nurse quits and Mildred gets the job. 

When the Governor arrives, Nurse Ratched makes a patient sick so she can show off the hospital's abilities. 

The governor wants to use the hospital as his re-election campaign. 

Mildred tells Mr. Salvatore there is a letter opener in the office and to kill himself to stop the pain. 

Mildred meets Edmund in the wine cellar. They know each other. 


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Ratched Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Clerk: Here's that map you asked for, ma'am.
Mildred: Thank you.
Clerk: May I ask why you're headed to Lucia?
Mildred: That seems like a rather personal question now, doesn't it?
Clerk: Sorry.
Mildred: Clearly, your tumescence has distracted you, sir. I recall asking for today's local paper.
Clerk: Oh, sorry. Here you go. Yeah, it's big news around here. Everybody's up in arms. A fella cuts up a bunch of priests and they ship him up to Lucia. Hey, that's where you're headed. You're not some sort of journalist, or something, are you?
Mildred: You should bathe more often. Your finger nails are filthy.

Bucket: Where did you get this?
Mildred: You must be the head nurse. Mildred Ratched.
Bucket: I didn't ask what your name was. Where did you get the letter?
Mildred: Why, it was sent to me.
Bucket: That's where I'm confused because there is no one in his office, except for Dr. Hanover and myself. I didn't send that, and I can assure you, that isn't Dr. Hanover's signature.
Mildred: I have come quit a long way, and would just like to speak with him.
Bucket: Dr. Hanover is out of the office until later this afternoon. If you'd like to leave a number...
Mildred: If you don't mind, I'd prefer to wait here.
Bucket: He'll be gone some time.
Mildred: You just said he'd be back in the afternoon.
Bucket: It could be longer.
Mildred: Then it could be shorter by your own logic. I truly don't mind waiting. I have nowhere else to be.
Bucket: Very well.