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Martin dreams about escaping and returning home to Jessica. But Malcolm is there telling him that it's never going to work. Malcolm is every bit as effective at getting into Martin's head as Martin with Malcolm.

Martin calls Malcolm and tries to get him to come up to the psych facility but he refuses. He asks if there is a case instead and Gil arrives at Malcolm's just in time to get him for a case at his old bordering school. He only chose to go if the headmaster is dead which he is. 

JT is freaking out and texting Dani because the baby is overdue. 

Flashbacks show when Malcolm told Martin that he was going to Remington and changing his name in 2005.

Jessica is on the board and she is the one who arranged for Malcolm and the team to take on this case. The family helped build the school.

Teen brain. Malcolm suspects it's one of the kids.

Malcolm has hand tremors and memories. Dani checks in to see if he's OK. Malcolm was expelled. The headmaster put him in his black boom which Malcolm assumes is a clue for which kid could've killed. 

Malcolm dives into the pool to search for the book.

Martin grows impatient with his escape plan. He talks to Darryl, Pete's friend.  They need to steal another key card.

Malcolm meets up with the latest additions to the black book to see what happened.

The trio of students are on Malcolm's radar. They're pretending as if they're too different to be friends but Malcolm detects that they are.    

   Jessica is pissed to hear that Malcolm suspects the students and thinks his judgment is clouded. 

Edrisa wanders off and gets distracted by the science lab. The trio of students find her, assume she's a student, and punch her.

Antoine Louisa and Molly. They were cheating and the answers to tests were on the water bottles in the science lab fridge that Edrisa found.    

   They use Jessica to interrogate Louisa. 

Malcolm goes to talk to Delaney. It provides another flashback to when a hs bully locked him in a broom closet initiating Malcolm's claustrophobia and his hand tremors.

Delaney tells Malcolm that the reason everyone found out about his real name back then was because Martin called and used it asking for him.

After Louisa fingers Antoine as the leader, his family help him escape arrest with a helicopter.    

   Malcolm goes to see Martin and confronts him about calling up to the school. Martin denies it and says how much he does love him. He tells him that someone is lying to him.    

   Malcolm goes over the case and Martin tells him that the posion used to kill Brownback is something used to restore paper which is what Delaney was doing when he talked to him last.

Martin plans to get Mr. David's key card. He gets Darryl's shiv and plans to shank Mr. David.

Malcolm goes to confront Delaney about what he knows. Dani goes to arrest Antoine with murder because once again Malcolm doesn't communicate.   

   Delaney helped the kids cheat for 20 years because it made him money. Dani discovers that Molly and Antoine were together and were running from the real person they were afraid of. 

Delaney was poisoned and Malcolm pieces it together. Louisa is responsible. She locks him into the book vault.   

   Martin threatens to kill Darryl for the other key cards. When his time is up he sets Darryl up with the shiv.

Louisa wants to get away from her father and his legacy and Malcolm can understand that.

He tells her that he killed Nicky, the guy who bullied him but in reality he saved a Nicky in the end. But that's why he got expelled. 

Malcolm used the story to distract Louisa. He started a fire in the vault to get the alarms going even if it risked him and Delaney suffocating. Gil lectures him on that when Dani comes in to tell them that JT and Tali had the baby.

Malcolm goes to apologize to Martin. It catches Martin off guard. Martin takes in and tells Malcolm that he should've just embraced his name and who he was back then. He tells him that he's his son and he should never forget that and Malcolm tells him that he can't. 

Martin is more encouraged than ever to go through with his escape. 

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Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Fitness Trainer: You are killing it!
Malcolm: When did that become a compliment?

That little killjoy.