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Catholic mass. Claire was there in the future. She's put her hopes, fears, secret longings into a being she can't see, hear, or feel.

In the past, she's calling Marsali over to the microscope. She got the right mold for penicillin.

Claire isn't keen on memories.

In the future, Claire and Brianna are chatting about Claire's day and the reason for visiting a swanky restaurant.

She lost a patient who had an allergic reaction to penicillin.

Roger and Brianna are in the passionate afterglow.

Roger spent time thinking about the lack of universities. Brianna could teach math. But Roger wants to stand by her father. He pledged an oath, and those words mean something to them.

Jamie and the militia get a very poor greeting when they arrive in the latest town.

Once they find out Jamie is a colonel in the Governor's militia, they're kinder. So Jamie begins recruiting.

Jamie learns that Tryon has decided to pardon everyone in the Regulators.

The Lieutenant thinks killing the man in the jail was for naught in light of the pardons.

He's decided to go forth in his pursuit of Fitzgibbons in the hunt for more former prisoners who may have done time with Murtagh.

Jamie then tosses a knife at Murtagh's face on the wall to fit in with the boys.

Claire continues talking about time and recalling her cases in the future.

It's the man she lost to penicillin, I think.

She's worried about giving Kezzie penicillin, although he shows no signs of allergies.

She's getting ready to excise his tonsils.

Claire is wondering about spiders and god and what his point is in all of life.

Meanwhile, Roger finds a stone inside of Brianna's jewelry box. He remembers that Bonnet wagered that stone.

Brianna was out collecting mushrooms for mushroom soup.

Roger wonders about the stone. She stops in her tracks when she sees it.

She admits that she spoke to Bonnet when he was in jail.

That she kept it really rubs Roger the wrong way. She says she kept it for Jemmy so that he could go back through the stones. It's his ticket home. It's all of their tickets.

The conversation turns to her visit with Bonnet and belief that Jemmy is his child.

Claire is at Graham's funeral. Sometimes even strangers can find their way into our hearts, the priest says.

They discuss marriage bonds, and the love she lost.

Roger is sleeping outside. He hears a noise and readies his gun almost shooting Claire.

He probably would have missed her, but still.

Claire assures Roger that marriage isn't always easy.

Roger wonders if Claire regrets lying to Brianna for most of her life to make her marriage to Frank work. No. It was important that Brianna felt safe and loved for all of her childhood.

Honestly isn't always the best policy. Sometimes, the truth really does hurt. She uses Brianna learning about Frank as an example.

Roger goes home with a smile on his face and a bunch of chanterelles.

Brianna tells Roger Bonnet is still alive. He haunts her, and she sees him everywhere. She also reveals about the Irishman who approached the Mrs. Others have seen Bonnet in Wilmington, even if the stranger wasn't him.

Roger says that as soon as they know if Jemmy can travel, they'll go back using the gem.

Everyone gets pardoned but Murtagh.

Jamie is going to deliver the pardons to those who got them.

The Governor wants Jamie to impress upon them his desire to be merciful and just.

Jamie and the Lieutenant begin a game of chess.

Claire is so upset that the Scot died and she wasn't notified.

It was Graham Menzies that pointed Claire toward going back to England.

While Jamie is sitting there, the Lieutenant gets the letter. Jamie tells him he'll see his name on the prison roll. The Lieutenant can't believe it. He was so certain that men like Murtagh could never change.

Jamie reveals that Murtagh is his godfather. The Lieutenant is shocked to the core that everything Jamie did was all for Murtagh's sake.

This doesn't go down well. Knox wants to know which of them is righteous because it cannot be both. As he moves to the door, Jamie attacks.

Jamie asks his forgiveness posthumously for not affording him a soldier's death.

Jamie puts him on the bed and undresses him and then burns the letters.

Jamie closes the flu on the fire and leaves the room by way of the window.

There is a little kitten down there.

They've got Knox out of the fire. It looks natural.

Jamie goes home, kitten in hand.

He names it Hatso after his mother's cat when he was little.

Claire recalls asking Brianna to go to London with her. Her daughter is surprised that she's asked time off from work.

Claire thanks Jamie for her gift.

He has a lot to tell her about Hillsboro, but he wants to know what's on her mind first.

She tells him about Graham Menzies and her final realization. She owes him so much because his death had a profound effect on her, and that's where she learned of the reverend's passing and that Jamie survived the battle of Culloden.


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Outlander Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Claire: He reminded me of someone. Someone I lost.
Priest: No one's lost who is not forgotten.
Claire: Perhaps I just needed to be reminded of that.

Brianna: Because, because I told him that Jemmy was his. I thought that he was going to die, and I thought that it would be of comfort to him to know there'd be something of his left in this world. Roger, I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I didn't know if you were coming back, and I was scared, and I was grieving for you. They are just words. Words that you need never to hear.
Roger: Words have consequences. All these months since I've been back. At the wedding. The blood oath. You were sure the child was Bonnet's.
Brianna: Roger, how could I ever know for sure that Jemmy is his?
Roger: You told him so. You've never said as much to me.
Brianna: I didn't think I needed to.
Roger: Brianna, what do you truly believe? In your heart, what do you truly believe?