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Fergus appeals to Lord John for Jamie's release. At the plantation, Claire is captured by Hercules in the slave quarters and taken to Geillis. Geillis thinks that Claire was after the sapphires so that she could receive the prophecy and initially doesn't believe Claire when she says that she had returned to the twentieth century. Claire has to show her pictures of Brianna to prove her word. Geillis seems to accept Claire's story, and apologizes for her anger and mistrust. But Claire finds herself locked in her room and sees Young Ian being carried off. Jamie arrives and breaks her out; they following the sound of drums into the jungle. Instead fo finding Geillis, they find the slaves of the plantation preforming a fire dance ritual. Yi Tien Cho is there with Margaret Campbell, and he vouches for them to the slaves. He and Margaret want to run away to Martinique. She delivers seeings to Jamie and Claire about their past during their time apart and then seems to channel Bree from the future. Bree seems to be in danger, but before the two can question Margaret, her brother appears and tries to take her away. When he grabs his sister, the slaves attack and kill him. Before he dies, he tells Jamie that Geillis is pursuing a two hundred year old baby, and Claire realizes that he's talking about Bree. Jamie and Claire go in search of the Abandawe cave, sure that that is where Geillis is headed with Ian. The slaves point them in the right direction, but refuse to take them, saying that it is a bad place. They make it to the cave, but Hercules pulls a gun on Jamie as Geillis douses Young Ian with fuel. Geillis tells Claire that she owes her a life for saving her at Cranesmuir. They struggle, and Claire ends up slice Geillis' throat to stop her from going through the portal to the future. She realizes that the bones she helped Joe diagnose in 1967 were those of Geillis. Young Ian gathers the gemstones that Geillis was using and Jamie retrieves the picture of Brianna and they all leave the cave together. As the Artemis heads back to Scotland, Claire and Jamie make love. All seems to be good. But when they wake, a hurricane is on the horizon. With the rest of the party secured below deck, Jamie works with the crew to sail through the storm and Claire tries to treat the injured. When the fore mast breaks away, everyone heads below, but Jamie and Claire are left on deck as a huge wave crashes into the ship. Claire is washed overboard, tangled in the ropes of the mast. Jamie dives in after her and cuts her free. They wash up on shore, but don't know where they are. A little girl finds them, and her parents tell the pair that they're in Georgia, and that the Artemis and her crew have washed up further down the shore. 

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Outlander Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

I've never met another traveler. Only you. We share a bond... something even you and Jamie can't share.

Geillis [to Claire]

Geillis: Why are you here?
Claire: I just told you.
Geillis: 25 years ago, you dropped out of the sky into my life...and now, again, you appear on my doorstep. Strange how fate keeps bringing us together.