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In the past, Lily tracks down Emma. She needs help. She robbed a convenience store with her boyfriend. She wants to run but her boyfriend has her birth mother’s necklace. She sends Emma to get it back but while Emma’s gone, Lily robs Emma’s new foster home. When Emma’s on her own once again she turns her back on Lilly for good.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma realizes that Maleficent's daughter is the same Lily she knew growing up. She and Regina decide to take a road trip to both find Lily and warn Robin Hood that Zelena is masquerading as Marian. When they find Lily, she already knows what Emma’s parents did to her (the Sorcerer’s apprentice told her years earlier.) Lily is out for revenge and Regina has to convince Emma not to kill her.

Regina, Emma, and Lily head to New York where Regina tells Robin Hood the truth. Zelena shows herself but Robin says he still can’t leave. Zelena is pregnant with his child.

Mr. Gold gets Will Scarlett to break into the mayor’s office and steal back Belle’s heart. Gold returns it to Belle, telling her that his heart is almost black and that he is unworthy of protecting Belle’s heart. He gives the job over to Will and says his goodbyes.  


Once Upon a Time
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