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-Regina fires Emma as deputy and tries to appoint Sidney Glass, the chief editor of the local paper to be her sheriff.

-Henry asks Emma to stop Operation Cobra because good will lose to evil. Evil plays dirty and he's worried for Emma. To prove the point, Regina has the paper print the story that Emma gave birth to Henry while she was in jail.

-Mr. Gold shows Emma that Regina can only pick a candidate. If there are more than one there must be an election. Regina is furious.

-A fire breaks out at Regina's office and Emma saves her. The town proclaims Emma a hero which helps her campaign.

-Emma figures out that Mr. Gold set the fire to make her look like a good. She announces this at a public debate and tells everyone she'd rather lose than win that way.

-Emma wins the election. Henry is thrilled. Mr. Gold tells Emma that was his plan all along and that someday soon he will collect on the favor she owes him.

-In fairy tale world Rumplestiltskin was originally a terrified father who tried to save his young son from being forced to fight in a war. 

-An old man convinces him to steal a dagger which will give him the power to save his son.  When he steals the dagger and uses it, he breaks the curse of dark forces from the old man and it transfers to himself. 

-Rumplestiltskin is now a force of unspeakable dark power.

Once Upon a Time
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