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Jack bequeaths items to members of the team, including her goldfish Carl to Torres. Kasie talks to Vance since Jack isn't there for her anymore. Petty Officer Martin Delfino, who was UA, is found frozen to death in a food-delivery truck. Fornell calls Gibbs with big news which he won't tell him over the phone. Delfino is wearing a Killer Korn jacket. Killer Korn is a food truck, which is missing. Killer Korn is owned by Delfino's cousin, Sean Greco. Greco says Delfino was beefing with "Sloppy Joe" Sammy, another food-truck owner. Sammy suggested checking on Kosmic Korn's owner as a suspect. The two corn food-truck owners had restraining orders against each other. Fornell is moving to Costa Rica. Kasie remains distracted when talking with Palmer. Kasie's mother is having chest pains in New York. Palmer tries to give her some perspective. Torres and Bishop talk to Greco about the corn feud. Then Bishop and Torres, pretending to be reporters, help out Pete Cannizaro, owner of Kosmic Korn, to get information from him. They find blood in the truck. Cannizaro admits to getting into a fight with Delfino. He tells Torres he was ready to switch over to burritos. Delfino's girlfriend Betty says Delfino was really possessive. Gibbs checks on how Kasie is doing. He sends her to New York. The delivery guy, who Delfino went to confront before he disappeared, got a ticket from the parking cop Bjork. Gibbs receives a panicky call from Fornell. Emily relapsed and overdosed. Gibbs and Fornell wait in the emergency room. Bjork pushing Delfino into a truck was caught on surveillance. The team can't reach Gibbs. Kasie gets good news: Her mother is OK and her sister got her job back. Emily dies. Vance reads a poem a friend sent him when his wife died. 

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NCIS Season 18 Episode 9 Quotes

I hate you both. But not as much as I hate Carl over there.

Torres [to McGee and Bishop]

McGee: He seems to be taking Jack's loss pretty well.
Gibbs: I didn't know she was lost, just in Afghanistan.