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A Navy vehicle crashes when a dog runs out in front of it, spilling out a missile. Gibbs brings the team to that crash site. The dog is missing. Gibbs follows blood spots to the injured dog, which has been shot. She survives but is in critical condition. The veterinarian reports that three dogs have come in with gunshot wounds that day. Gibbs stakes out where the dog was found. All three dogs were shot with the same gun. A local woman points out a suspect neighbor to Gibbs. Gibbs pulls out a kennel with dead dogs in it from a pond. Gibbs attacks and knocks out the neighbor, Luke Stana, sending him to a hospital. Vance suspends Gibbs. Gibbs gets arrested for aggravated assault. Bishop and Torres confront Stana about the drugs and money found in his trailer. Stana claims his gun was stolen. NCIS Inspector General Eugene Coyle interrogates the team. They lie to him about the events of that day. Coyle interrogates Gibbs. July Wunderman, Gibbs' fake lawyer lined up by Vance, arrives and kicks out Coyle. Gibbs summons McGee. McGee has the rest attempt to tie the drugs to the dogs. Kasie named the injured dog Lucy. Bishop goes to arrest Stana but Coyle stops her. Coyle kicks NCIS off the case. Eight more pit bulls are found in the pond. Video gets uploaded from McGee's body cam. The video shows blood on Stana's shirt,from before Gibbs attacked him. Gibbs attempts to make a deal with Coyle: his confession to protect his team. The blood stain is Lucy's. McGee tracks Stana's poodle to his dog pound. The state police arrest him. Gibbs takes home Lucy. Coyle turns the decision on Gibbs over to Vance. Gibbs refuses to apologize to Stana. Vance suspends Gibbs indefinitely. 

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NCIS Season 18 Episode 10 Quotes

McGee: Anything?
Gibbs: A lot of raccoons.

Veterinarian: I pray to God someone pays for it.
Torres: Oh, I think someone will.