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After pulling some sleight of hand with the body of deceased Russian diplomat Anton Pavlenko, the team turns its focus to New Orleans in the hopes of tracking down Eva, the Russian spy. Luca, convinced of Eva's good heart, helps her evade Pride, much to the team's frustration.

Mosquito bites on Pavlenko's body lead the team to a protected habitat, where they find Blye Industries CEO Jenner Blye, who promptly suffers from the same neurotoxin poisoning as everyone else. Fortunately, he survives.

The team finds a bug in Pavlenko's tooth and trace the signal to Paulina, a Russian agent in their diplomatic services. Really, though, she's a spy, and she has a history with Pride. She refuses to offer any help at first. Eventually, Pride convinces Paulina to give them the frequency for the bug in Eva's tooth.

They track her to where she is meeting Luca in time to preven Luca from getting killed by Blake Huxley, Jenner Blye's security chief.

The team realizes that the whole mess started when Jenner Blye sold secret government technology, Project Manta Ray, to the Russians. All the deaths have been to cover up Blye's involvement. They arrest him before he can leave the country.

Pride does not turn Eva over to Paulina, in the name of "bureaucracy."

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Luca Sciuto: Eva's my friend!
Pride: Come on now, Luca. Eva's a spy. She pretended to be your friend. She seduced you, she drugged you, she dumped you in a roadside motel.
Luca Sciuto: You're just like Abby! So untrusting.

Luca, let your faith be bigger than your fear.

Eva Azarova