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Laurel is attacked while out jogging. Her attacker dies. Pride is worried that one of his many enemies might be targeting her to get at him. Laurel says that there was a van following her around for several days.

The team finds the van abandoned, but still full of high-end custom surveillance equipment clearly directed at monitoring Pride. Special Agent Hardy comes from Washinton to keep an eye on Pride and make sure he doesn't go off the reservation.

Pride confronts the mechanic who customized the van, and he is revealed to be a member of the Militia that put a bounty on Pride's head. The mechanic's lawyer alibis him for the attack on Laurel.

Following the mechanic, Pride is led to a cache of stolen weapons and surveillance photos of six men, determined to be Navy SEALs. The Militia plans to attack the SEALs' secret awards ceremony in payback for killing a Syrian warlord, and the attack on Laurel was to distract the NCIS team from catching onto the plot.

The team successfully intercepts the attack, and all four men surrendur. Pride informs Militia leader Zed that he's being transferred to Super-max.

The Militia's lawyer attempts to kill Laurel, but she is killed by Percy.

NCIS: New Orleans
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NCIS: New Orleans Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

You're not the investigator on the case, you're the dad!

Detective Lamont

I don't know how you Navy cops work a case, but I do it like I'm walking down the street -- one foot in front of the other.

Detective Lamont