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Flynn does a peak flow (breathing test). It is better than yesterday. Flynn is frustrated both with Sharon wanting to take care of him and an overly helpful physical therapist who is helping him return to walking.

The crime scene: someone jumped off a building. MCU is covering for Central's Christmas party. The guy is young. Sykes thinks the guy was pushed rather than jumped because he has cracked fingernails. Provenza doesn't have time for this. Vic's car is found on fourth floor but victim lost a contact lens somewhere.

Tao finds contact lens on the roof. Buzz finds evidence that the victim was dragged out of his car and thrown off the roof. Provenza asks for security footage.

Buzz has footage of quite a few tenants entering and leaving, but there is a blurry image of a Porsche that was only there 13 minutes.

Victim landed feet first so face and head intact. Blood on scene was not victim's. Victim had no criminal record, cell phone, credit cards, etc. He was 20 and lived at home in Valencia.

Mother says they haven't talked to Kyle for a year. Parents are separated. Father says Kyle stole from them. Claims son was a pothead. Mother seems to disagree. Provenza asks about the Porsche. Father asks what Kyle has done. Provenza makes the notification. Father curses the son fo rhaving no self-respect. Mother leaves all upset. Sharon asks for names of friends/enemies.

Tao finds that Kyle lived in a luxury apartment that was $3500+/month. Sharon tells him to find Kyle's phone. Sharon locks eyes with the father.

Kyle apparently rented a space in the parking structure as well as an apartment. Landlord doesn't know what Kyle did for a living. He's glad the apartment looks nice since he has to reshow it.

Sykes finds a laptop. Tao finds a ton of electronics and some mail She f -- a check for $3000 from his mother, who claimed not to know where her son lived.

Slider thanks Rusty for the interview. He wants to know if he came off good. He wants to be called Greg. He also wants to know will Rusty come to court cause he has no one else. He says Rusty caring means a lot.

Provenza says he can't run to the hospital now. He hangs up when Sharon comes in. She says Andy is depressed.

They found some stuff on the laptop -- a lot of bank transfers and a webcam video on a porn site. Rusty tells them that there should be a profile video, while looking embarrassed.

They watch the profile video. He basically asks people for money in a very sexual way. Fans gave him all these gifts. Buzz asks if the mother should be brought in.

Rusty is visibly shaken and tells Sharon what he needed can wait. He takes off. 

Sharon wants Paypal records of the people sending gifts.

Mother says she can't afford a Porsche. She is questioned about the checks she sent. She wants to know what difference it makes. She is told Kyle was murdered. She thought he killed himself. She says she found email alerts. Kyle was prostituting himself on Craigslist. She didn't know what to do. She told her husband. He overreacted and Kyle left and never came back. She was worried and couldn't contact him so she contacted his prostitution account. He was angry but he let her talk to him. But he refused to go home. He said it would be like prison. He hugged her. She followed him home to learn where he lived and secretly sent him money.

Kyle had over 100 GoldPass members. Only one with a Porsche. A hip hop artist named Gray. Provenza struggles with instagram. Gray might have been being blackmailed by Kyle. Sharon wonders if he has a alwyer she can contact.

Gray comes with his lawyer. He flirts with Sykes. He agrees to talk without his lawyer when he finds out that it's about Kyle. He kicks out his whole entourage.

Flynn says he has symptoms of a stroke. Patrice says he's dizzy from the way the pillows are positioned and that he needs to stop trying to diagnose himself online. His clot is gone. She doesn't like how Provenza filled out the DNR forms. She tells him he will need to stay with Sharon and Rusty or go to a convalescence home. He lets slip Provenza wants to marry her. Patrice is nervous.

Provenza is in a bad mood about this and wants Gray to confess. Gray says he was meeting Kyle but Kyle never showed. He nervously asks if this is going public after he says he met Kyle on a website. He says he has been open about being bi throughout his career, but didn't want anyone knowing he had a boyfriend and was settling down. He didn't want Kyle's roommate to see him. This is the first they heard of any roommate. Gray is told that Kyle is dead. He wants to know who killed Kyle and why. He is asked for a DNA sample. He wants his lawyer when asked to sign a consent form. He gives it to them when they threaten a warrant.

Kyle's cell phone # was gotten from Gray's phone. There's a San Diego number.

Prior tenant was also a male prostitute. He's in county jail. He is interviewed and gives them Jason's last name. Jason is a pharmaceutical rep who is always away at conferences. He says Jason was his boyfriend. He met him on Craigslist. After a one night stand he got him a phone, an apartment and a gym membership. He wants to get out of jail. He says he left Jason's apartment because Jason was scary. One night he went out with friends to a club. Jason pulled a gun on him and said he'd kill him if he stepped out on him again and then raped him. He is shocked that it is actually rape when it's someone like him. He left right after.

Tao can't find Jason Harper. Suspect must give a written statement.

Physical therapist says Flynn is almost ready for the gym. Flynn corrects him that if he keeps his balance he can go home. Rusty and Sharon are happy he's doing better.

A real Jason Harper's identity was borrowed for a reference but the rest of his identity was not stolen. The real Mr. Harper lives in La Jolla in an apartment. Maybe they should look at his apartment.

The landlord is brought down. Julio reads him his rights before showing him the evidence. He asks him if he has seen Gray. He says he rode up in the elevator with him the night of the murder. He says he forgot he was there. Sharon confronts him. Provenza takes a DNA sample. The guy fights him. He threatens to sue. Hobbs tells him to write a statement and she will accept a plea for second degree murder. If he doesn't take the plea he will be charged with sexual assault too. He tries to claim that Kyle tried to throw him off the top of the garage. Evidence shows otherwise. Sharon asks him if he is taking the deal or not.

Flynn jokes the killer is just like him. Rusty and Sharon are upset. Sharon wishes they were prosecuting Meyer for the rape. Rusty hides his pain as he takes the suitcase for Flynn.

Patrice shows up at the squad room. Provenza claims to have a lot of work to do. She asks if Andy talked to him and if that's why he is keeping his distance. He says she never mentioned it and he wasn't sure... she says she doesn't know Flynn and she wants to go to dinner with him. Provenza asks her if she's ready. She says she is if he is. They hold hands and kiss.


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Major Crimes Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Maybe he went to the gym for a pre-suicide workout.


Enough is enough. I can't keep being a patient in your condo.