Intelligence Season 1

"Being Human"

Riley and Gabriel are shocked to learn that their are foreign sleeper agents planted within the US government on the season finale of Intelligence.

"The Event Hozizon"

Gabriel is on the run trying to figure out who has framed him for murder on Intelligence.

"The Grey Hat"

Gabriel and Riley search for a hacker involved when there is a threat to a nuclear disaster on Intelligence.

"Cain and Gabriel"

Riley and Gabriel must stop a terrorist when the witness protection program is hacked on Intelligence.


Gabriel believes Jin Cong is an ally when his memory is wiped clean by a virus at CyberCon on Intelligence.

"Delta Force"

Gabriel is shocked to learn that his friend from Delta Force is a suspect in an assassination attempt on Intelligence.

"Size Matters"

When artificial intelligence scientists are being targeted by microscopic robots, Cassidy may be next on the list on Intelligence.

"Patient Zero"

The Cybercom team heads to Texas to stop a deadly virus but are shocked to find the patient zero was set to be exectued a week ago on Intelligence.

"The Rescue"

When a Senator's daughter is abducted by a Mexican druge cartel, Riley and Gabriel head out of the country to find her on Intelligence.

"Secrets of the Secret Service"

When two American journalists are held hostage, Riley and Gabriel head to Syria and pose as Secret Service Agents to save them on Intelligence.

"Mei Chen Returns"

Gabriel finds out that Mei Chen is still alive and has a chip even more powerful than his own on Intelligence.

"Red X"

Cybercom investigates a bombing at a U.S. Marine base and uncovers a new, chemically undetectable bombing material on Intelligence.

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Intelligence introduces viewers to a special kind of agent. He has technology embedded in his brain.

  • 4.6 / 5.0
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Intelligence Season 1 Quotes

Director Strand: You think protecting the President is more important.
Riley: Respectfully, Ma'am, it is more important.
Director Strand: Funny, he didn't think so.

Technology is not revolutionary. It's evolutionary. I like that.

Dr. Cassidy