Hanging Out - Industry Season 1 Episode 7
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Before going to work, Yasmin looks at the boxes of fish in her kitchen. 

At work, a French graduate asks Yasmin about the dress code for dinner she is hosting with Seb on Saturday. Seb asks for one hundred pounds per guest, and Yasmin offers to pay for all the guests arriving.

Sara, Harper, and Daria meet together. Sara and Daria ask Harper to keep quiet about Eric's bonus.

Daria hands out employees a list of clients to check on, but male employees do not take her seriously.

Kenny asks Yasmin about Eric, but she does not say anything. Hilary asks to meet with Yasmin on Monday, but he does not tell her why. Gus interviews for another bank.

Daria asks Harper to follow up with Nicole. Then, Daria walks by Clement, who is sleeping at his desk. She nudges him awake.

Robert and Usman meet for lunch. Robert asks Usman to vouch for him during RIF, but Usman declines.

After work, Yasmin comes back from a run while Seb is making sushi in the kitchen. Yasmin and Harper talk for a while, and then Yasmin's mother asks to meet with her. Yasmin leaves, and Sebastian accidentally cuts himself. Harper volunteers to buy painkillers. She leaves just as Robert arrives.

Seb invites Robert inside, and they catch up. While at the pharmacy, Harper sees Eric playing with his kids.

Later that evening, the dinner is in full swing. Robert and Harper talk about Gus.

Yasmin is still out with her mother, who gives Yasmin advice on her love life. Robert keeps trying to socialize with Gus. 

Yasmin finally comes home. She finds Seb in the bathroom, helping a hungover friend. Afterward, Seb asks Yasmin to collect the money from their guests, but she tells him that she paid for everyone.

Robert and Harper continue talking, but the French graduate interrupts their conversation to circulate theories about their bonuses connecting to Hari's death. Harper reveals she got paid double everyone else to defend Hari.

Harper and Yasmin talk for a bit, and then they go dance together. After a while, Harper sits down, and Yasmin starts dancing seductively.

Gus walks outside and finds one of Seb's friends there. They talk for a while, and they eventually leave to hook up.

Yasmin leaves a drunk voicemail for Hilary.

Robert, Seb, and one of Seb's friends begin snorting coke. Yasmin and Harper walk in, and they ask to join. Seb's friend pretends to collapse. 

Robert discovers he is missing something of his and argues with Seb's friend until Seb finds it on the floor. Yasmin accuses Seb of stealing. 

Everyone leaves the room, and Yasmin and Seb talk. She breaks up with him.

Harper and Robert go upstairs and talk. They start kissing until Yasmin walks in. Yasmin asks to join, and they all hook up for a while until Harper decides against it. Yasmin leaves the room, and Harper follows eventually. Yasmin goes downstairs and finds the house a big mess.

On Monday morning, Gus tells Robert that he did not get the job.

On their way to see Nicole, Daria and Harper talk about the bonus. Daria asks for the extra twenty-five thousand pounds back on behalf of Pierpoint.

When they arrive at Nicole's office, Harper confronts Nicole in the bathroom. After the confrontation, Nicole tells Daria she is done with Pierpoint. Harper lies to Daria about what happened, but Daria knows she is lying. 

Hilary and Yasmin meet over coffee. He says that he uncovered her coded messages with Maxim regarding Kenny's behavior from the business dinner. Hilary subtly tells Yasmin not to formally file a complaint against Kenny.

Pierpoint forced Clement to retire, so he packs up his stuff. He begs Daria for another chance before giving up.

The episode ends with shots of the graduates doing various mundane activities. Yasmin does laundry, and Harper goes to a casino.

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Industry Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Harper: Why do you like him? Is it ’cause he was born rich, and you like, what, look up to that? Are you sure that he even likes you?
Robert: I think he likes me more than you do at the moment.

Kenny: What do you reckon happened to Eric? Aren't you pally with the girl on his desk?
Yasmin: I don't know. I don't think she does either.
Kenny: I've heard four different stories, so it has to be something political.
Yasmin: Well, I mean, we all know how he behaved on the floor.
Kenny: Yas, that's the business. You don't get fired for that if he got fired at all.