A Christmas Toast - Industry Season 1 Episode 6
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Harper is in a meeting with Sara and Daria, telling them about an incident with Eric. 

The episode rewinds seventy-two hours. Pierpoint has decorated their office in Christmas ornaments.

Daria asks Harper about Greg and her Christmas plans. Eric asks to speak with Harper. He gives Harper her salary bonus a month in advance.

Greg walks into work hungover from the night before. Eric has a script Greg wrote, and he makes fun of it in front of everyone on the trading floor.

Eric asks Harper to be his plus one at the Christmas party, but Daria interrupts, saying Harper had something to do for her that night.

Hilary asks Kenny about the business deal with Maxim. Kenny suggests to Yasmin that she should be involved if the deal works out.

Robert uses work as an excuse to stop by Yasmin's desk. He gives her a gift, and she stuffs it in her desk drawer. Maxim texts Yasmin saying he will not be at the Christmas party.

Harper and Yasmin smoke outside and talk about their relationships with their supervisors.

Harper tries to apologize to Greg for giving Eric his script. Greg tells her he was arrested the previous night, so Harper asks Robert to watch over Greg at the party.

At the Christmas party, Theo asks Gus about his Christmas plans. Alice, Theo's girlfriend, joins the conversation. Sara pulls Gus away to introduce him to Lord Oaki, a figure Gus admires.

Greg shows Robert the drugs he brought. Usman arrives and also says he brought drugs to the party. Robert makes eye contact with Yasmin.

Jackie, a co-worker, asks Yasmin an inappropriate question, and Kenny defends Yasmin.

Harper is at her desk, trying to work, but a robot tree keeps talking. She throws the device in frustration. Then, she goes to Yasmin's desk and opens the gift Robert gave to Yasmin. It is an explicit photo of Robert.

Eric suddenly appears, telling Harper to get a drink. Harper stops by the party and briefly joins Daria and Nicole's conversation.

Yasmin gets another drink for Kenny and herself. Maxim arrives.

Eric introduces Harper to his wife. 

Harper goes back to her desk. Daria arrives with a bottle of champagne.

Robert, Greg, and Usman hide in a bathroom stall. Usman shows them the drugs he brought. Lord Oaki walks into the bathroom, so the three of them try to be discreet. They all take Usman's pills and eventually leave the bathroom.

Yasmin and Maxim talk about Kenny's inappropriate behavior at their business dinner. They get angry with each other, and Maxim leaves.

Daria and Harper drink champagne while talking about their families. Then, Daria mentions her concern over Eric, and Harper tells her about his angry rant the other day during their private meeting.

Daria and Harper run into Robert, Greg, and Usman as they walk back to the party. Harper is mad at Robert for breaking his promise.

Lord Oaki talks with Gus again, asking about working at Pierpoint and Hari. Sara interrupts to get a photo taken of the three of them.

Robert, Greg, and Usman fool around the trading floor. Then, they snort cocaine.

Kenny asks Yasmin about Maxim. She tells Kenny that the business deal will not work out, then confronts him about his sudden kindness and inappropriate behavior from dinner the other night.

Nicole runs into Harper again, this time visibly drunk. Harper arranges for a car to take her home.

Alice and Gus talk while watching Theo dance. She goes to get drinks, and Theo and Gus disappear to hook up in the bathroom. Theo and Gus remain intimate in the elevator on the way back to the party, and Alice sees them.

Yasmin drags Robert away from the party, and they go to a bathroom downstairs. They somewhat hook up.

Greg walks into a glass wall. Then, he runs into the same wall again twice, on purpose. He knocks himself out, and they call an ambulance.

On their way back to the party, Robert asks Yasmin about her Christmas plans. When they get back, Harper is furious at Robert for what happened to Greg.

The next morning, Robert finds Gus still in bed. Gus tells Robert he is not going to work that day.

Yasmin opens Robert's gift. She reads the note and looks at the photo before putting it back in her drawer.

Harper is in a meeting with Sara and Daria, telling them about Eric. After Harper confesses, Pierpoint asks her to sign an NDA, and she does.

Harper spends time with Greg at his house after he returns home from the hospital. 

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Industry Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Sometimes, the loneliest place can be in a room with the people who are supposed to love you.


Harper: I mean, if the outcome is better, what is the difference how you got there?
Yasmin: Well, are we trying to rationalize something that just shouldn't be rationalized?