A Digging Trio - Good Girls Season 2 Episode 11
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Dean asks Beth how she knew about the raid, and she lies to him before he admits that he knows she met with Rio. A package arrives at the house for Beth and inside is a human finger. 

Annie tells Noah that she can no longer date him.

Turner asks Noah to get more information on a piece of Beth's ledger that he was able to recover from the dealership. He is later able to deduce that the women are counterfeiters. 

Ruby and Stan meet with a lawyer who promises to help get him acquitted, but his retainer is $10,000. 

Ruby, Beth, and Annie discuss the finger and Beth decides that it must be Rio sending her a message. She chooses to put the finger down the garbage disposal, but more packages (and body parts) keep arriving. 

Beth goes to Rio and asks what he wants from her and he gives her an exorbitant amount of cash to wash, after telling her that the other ladies didn't deliver the money from the pills. 

Dean asks Beth for a divorce. 

As the ladies struggle to wash the money, Beth decides to try to find Boomer's body, so Rio no longer has leverage over them. She follows him to his apartment, but he catches her. 

Ruby uses the couterfeit money to pay for Stan's lawyer. 

Annie verifies that Noah is in the FBI and tells Ruby. 

After getting a tip from Tyler about the things being stored in the Fine and Frugal freezer, Annie finds Boomer's body in there. The ladies then bury it in Beth's backyard. 

A neighbors dog digs in Beth's backyard and sees black hair coming out of the bag that's supposed to be holding Boomer's body. 



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Good Girls Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Ruby: That's a white boys thumb.
Annie: Could be a toe.
Ruby: That's not a toe.
Annie: Cuz I suggested it?
Ruby: Because it has hair on it.
Annie: Yeah, like a big toe.
Beth: Guys.
Ruby: You have hair on your toe?
Annie: Like you don't.
Ruby: I am not a hobbit.
Annie: It's evolutionary. People have to have a tiny bit of fur ---
Ruby: Whatever, Frodo.

Noah: I think I just got dumped.
Turner: What'd she say?
Noah: That she has to figure stuff out.
Turner: Yeah, brother, you got dumped.