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Andre invites the entire family over to his new apartment. 

Teri is cooking and everyone is warned to keep their fights at the door. It isn't long before Cookie starts arguing with Cookie's sisters. 

This sets off a complicated chain of events that finds Teri's food on the floor and everyone arguing. 

Teri and Andre have sex in the bathroom as Lucious leaves to get some more food. 

He is cornered by Damon, who wants to murder him. This does not go down well with him and he promises Yana is safe. 

Lucious returns and opens a bottle, but it kicks off Cookie's PTSD. She screams. 

We learn that she killed Carol's boyfriend after he continued to hit her. 

Kingsley continues to take over Andre's body and later reveals that he will not stop until he has taken every single member of the family down. 

Becky is forced to have a chat with Lala when she bashes Bossy on an Instagram Live and puts Julian in danger. 

Damon tells Giselle to take Yana on, but she doesn't want to. Becky and Cookie are forced to close a deal with Yana to get her on their label. 

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Empire Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Candace: Why don't we have a toast to Cookie divorcing Lucious?
Carol: Oh, yes.

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Record Label Owner: Murders, money laundering. I've watched you run through this music industry like chaos.
Lucious: There's a method to this madness, I assure you.