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Teri and Andre prepare for their wedding, and Andre says that he's given 100 golden plates out to select individuals. 

This put him in a tough position because the family started to question what was going on. 

Cookie pleaded with Teri that Andre and her deserve to get married, and it brought us to a wild conclusion with Andre flipping out and Cookie and Lucious helping Teri escape. 

Cookie looked over the Bossy finances and realized Giselle was up to something, so she and Becky cornered her. 

In one of the wildest arguments to date, Cookie tells her to get out. 

Cookie went to get Damon back and shot him in the leg for what he did to her. 

Damon said that he would not let Giselle get away and threatened to murder her. 

Hakeem and Maya got closer at the wedding when Hakeem realized that his date was only with him chasing clout. 

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Empire Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Girl, you're lucky I don't snatch your wig ... and your edges!


Andre: Let's lay some ground rules for the ceremony, shall we?
Lucious: Ground rules?
Andre: There will be no foolishness or Lyon nonsense of any kind. This is our day. And we will not be upstaged, right honey?
Lucious: What do you mean upstaged?
Hakeem: Yeah, like when you married Anika -- at my wedding!