A Lunch Date in Paris - Emily in Paris
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Emily is ridiculed for the way she dresses by Pierre. 

He calls her ringarde and everyone in the office starts to call her it. 

Sylvie is mad about the way she acted and threatens to fire her. 

Emily sets out to make things right, and ultimately, meets another man. 

He makes her seem like she's in the wrong for the way she acts. 

She cuts him off. 

She bonds with Pierre and they agree to work together, securing Emily's job for another few days. 

But with Sylvie on the warpath, she's in danger. 

Emily in Paris
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Emily in Paris Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Your language is seriously effed up.


Pierre: I can’t believe it was Dan.
Emily: What?
Pierre: Gossip Girl. We watched the entire series to find out it’s Dan.