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Elementary Season 7 Episode 12 Review: Reichenbach Falls

Elementary Review: Reichenbach Falls

Our review of Elementary Season 7 Episode 12 shows how Sherlock goes to extremes to stop Odin Reichenbach's pre-emptive murder spree and get vengeance for his late father.
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Elementary Season 7 Episode 11 Review: Unfriended

Elementary Review: Unfriended

Our review of Elementary Season 7 Episode 11 reveals what happens when Sherlock's father Morland agrees to use his connections against Odin's vigilante operation.
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Elementary Season 7 Episode 10 Review: The Latest Model

Elementary Review: The Latest Model

Our review of Elementary Season 7 Episode 10 looks at whether Odin might change his methods after Joan and Sherlock investigate and try to mitigate a potential killer.
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Elementary Season 7 Episode 9 Review: On the Scent

Elementary Review: On the Scent

On our review of Elementary Season 7 Episode 9, Sherlock and Joan sort through a myriad of suspects in the murder of a sculptor and dog lover.
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Elementary Season 7 Episode 6 Review: Command: Delete

Elementary Review: Command: Delete

On Elementary Season 7 Episode 6, a tech billionaire makes Holmes and Watson an extraordinary offer to help him with a program that can predict future crimes.
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On this fresh and modern take of Sherlock Holmes, the greatest detective in the world relocates to New York City after getting out of rehab. His new sober companion is Joan Watson, a former surgeon. Together, they make an unlikely pair who solve unusual and difficult crimes at the behest of the New York Police Department.

Sherlock takes Joan under his wing and begins teaching her how to solve crimes and how to see what others missed. Her medical background comes in handy as they investigate murderers of great cunning, including Sherlock's arch nemesis, Moriarty.

Along the way, Sherlock helps Joan regain a sense of purpose she lost when she gave up her scrubs after a mistake cost a patient his life. Joan helps Sherlock care about someone again since he has trouble letting people get close to him after losing someone he loved.

While trying to uncover who Moriarty is, Sherlock stumbles upon his lost love, Irene Adler. Later, he discovers that Irene is actually Moriarty. He wins their duel of the minds, but doesn't come out unscathed. Later his brother, Mycroft, reappears in Sherlock's life, much to his displeasure. Mycroft and Joan hit it off, but Sherlock is certain that his shady brother is hiding something and he is. He's MI6, British Intelligence.

While Joan and Sherlock continue to solve crimes together, their partnership is entering a new phase as Joan moves out.

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