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Nicole updates Chloe and insists she will be back with E.J.

Chloe wonders who Sydney's real parents are.

Nicole claims she and E.J. are.

Lucas calls Chloe to report on his progress in rehab.

Hearing she's going to see Allie and talk about their failed relationship, Lucas orders her to stay away from the girl.

Nicole returns home with Sydney but finds E.J. at the door with her bags. Though she states that she knows he doesn't want them to leave, E.J. orders her to get out and slams the door in her face.

On a boat, Carly thanks Omar for picking her up at the airport.

Shown the newspaper headlines about Lawrence Alamain's death, Carly admits that she killed him. She then flashes back to complaining to Lawrence about being held as a prisoner on the compound.

Lawrence told her that he owned her and after he viciously threw her onto the bed, she stabbed him. Carly asks Omar about making a ship-to-shore call but he warns of the danger.

Justin secretly meets Hope at a hotel to talk about papers for sending Ciara to a boarding school. The lawyer urges her to call Bo and talk about this but she refuses.

Ciara returns and asks her mother when she's going to be with her daddy again. Victor angrily asks Bo why Kate is still free after poisoning Chloe and framing Daniel.

Bo points out they need evidence but Victor suggests that once Kate married Stefano, she's in the clear. He wonders if Kate's responsible for Stefano being in the hospital now.

Bo claims the blood tests came back negative for poison. Victor then shows him the newspaper story about Carly and Lawrence.

Bo insists he hasn't spoken to Carly in years but Victor suggests that Hope won't be happy to read this story.

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