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Sami asks Rafe what he's doing at her place. He promises that what he's doing is for her. The two end up kissing but Rafe stops because he's gotta jet.

Well, until she gets him into bed and they have sex.

After she confirms Nicole is staying with her, he asks her not to tell anyone he's back. Rafe panics when someone knocks on the door.

Gus advises Vivian that they have located Carly in Salem. She laughs at the news and talks over a plan to grab her.

Bo talks Justin into agreeing to help Carly and takes him back to his home. At the house, Hope turns on the light and catches Carly in the bed.

She explains who she is and adds that she had no one else she could turn to for help. Realizing Hope doesn't believe her, Carly talks about how abusive Lawrence was.

Downstairs, they run into Bo and Justin. While Justin talks with Carly outside, Hope lays into Bo for bringing her to their house without asking her first.

Bo points out she moved out.

Getting a call about Ciara, Hope gives Carly 24 hours to get out or she'll "report her." Justin demands the truth from Carly or he won't be her lawyer.

Finally confirming that she deals drugs, Arianna tells Brady that she has never sold to kids.

Disgusted with her, Brady gives her a day to quit her job at the Pub.

Roman spots Brady running out and confronts Arianna who reveals what happened.

He warns her that she can't tell him she's working undercover or she'll go back to prison. Arianna chases after Brady but he won't listen.

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