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Grayson's bar closes down for the week due to termites, and Jules starts to wonder where he is going during his days instead.

Travis receives a baby gift of $300 from his old coworkers, and Andy convinces him to keep it a secret from Laurie so that he can spend the money on himself. 

Laurie finds out that matching mommy and baby outfits bother Ellie, so she starts dressing baby Bobby in them.

Andy teaches Travis that a man is only happy if his wife wins every fight. The secret to losing all the time is secret treats. Travis takes the advice to heart and uses the $300 on a PS4. He's less excited when he realizes he has no place he can play the game without Laurie finding out. 

Jules' curiosity gets the better of her, and she and Ellie end up going through Grayson's duffle bag for clues about where he goes during the day. 

Travis and Andy decide to hook up the PS4 in Grayson's fumigated bar. 

Jules follows Grayson and finds out that he's performing musical comedy in a nightclub. They get in a fight over who is more in the wrong: Grayson for lying or Jules for snooping.

Laurie tweets out to her many followers that they should all dress in matching outfits with their kids, and the neighborhood becomes a real life nightmare for Ellie. 

Jules finally apologizes to Grayson when she finds out that he only lied because she's such a bad secret keeper.

When Laurie finds out about the PS4, she more than understanding about it, which bums Andy out. 

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

You look white trash enough to be Kid Rock's mom.


We're even wearing the same unisex cologne. "Both" by Bruce Jenner.