Jenny Cooper in the Lab 1x02
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Jenny and Ross struggle to adjust to the new house.

Jenny has work, but promises to make Ross's swim meet. She comes but he doesn't seem to want her there; she is not as helpful as his dad used to be. Ross learns from his grandfather about the gambling and the house. He meets Liam who offers help.

Jenny and McAvoy investigate the death of Vic Stenton, a rich guy who sold weed.

A woman with blood on her clothes wants to leave; her son is waiting downstairs. She's Stenton's wife, Shanti; she found him and tried to revive him.

Jenny offers to get the wife's bloodstained clothes for evidence so Shanti can leave. Shanti freaks out about never taking her husband's name and what she's going to tell her son. Later, they let her back into the crime scene to get her son's blankie.

Stenton's body is in the bathroom. He has a lot of little cuts and one big one in his neck. Jenny thinks the body was moved. He looks like he was thrown through a window and then stabbed, but the windows are not broken and there is no murder weapon.

Jenny sees the black dog hallucination at the crime scene.

Stenton attended a sex party. McAvoy and Jenny interview some of the partygoers to learn who saw him last. One of them is McAvoy's ex; they hook up.

They discover bloody pieces from a glass table in the garbage. There is purple hair, which leads them to Lauren Foster. Vic tried to rape her and she was saved by Gus Prisciac in a bunny costume.

While venting to her therapist, Jenny realizes Shanti was lying. She's killed her husband to protect her son from the truth.


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Coroner Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Jenny: Looks like he came to the door to get help.
McAvoy: Nobody answered and he came back.
Jenny: And the party's still going?
McAvoy: Shitty neighbors. Not a crime.

Ross: I'm visualizing.
Jenny: Okay, well, help me visualize where we should put your dad's ashes.