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Voight takes Ruzek to task for not even telling him that he was leaving on an undercover operation, and informs him that he's been sent back down to Patrol. Once there Platt tells Ruzek he's actually been sent to another district's graveyard shift. But Rixton reveals that he started his career with Ruzek's father, and offers to take a position in Narcotics to give Ruzek his job back.

One of Lindsay's friends tells her about a murder for hire plot. She refers him to Olinsky who pretends to be the hitman; he meets with the client Donald Clark, who wants revenge for the death of his daughter Rebecca and offers him $50,000 to kill the prime suspect, Omar Fry. While the team re-opens Rebecca's case Olinsky stays undercover with Clark.

Burgess and Rixton question Omar, who says that he saw another man run from the scene. With that information Lindsay is able to find the murder weapon. It's registered to Thomas Kade, a known gun dealer, but an ATF agent appears and reveals Kade is undercover. He gives the team the ATF's records, which lead them to Maxwell Clay.

Clay claims he sold the gun to his dead cousin and that it was stolen off the body when his cousin was murdered by a gang member. The team wonders if Rebecca was caught in the crossfire between the 54th Street and Latin Players gangs, particularly one ex-54th member named Jeremy.

Jeremy admits to being on a first date with Rebecca the night she was murdered and names the shooter as a Latin Player named Carlos, who had a grudge against Jeremy for shooting his relative. But Carlos comes out shooting and Atwater is forced to gun him down.

Meanwhile, State's Attorney Mark Jefferies puts pressure on Voight and Olinsky to collar Clark for soliciting a hitman in the first place. Olinsky hates the idea especially when Fry demands to be paid for participating, but goes through with it and Clark is arrested. The episode ends with Olinsky having called his daughter to meet him at the district, before mending fences with Jefferies at Molly's.


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